New Year’s Dream 2022

lying-down sprout under the tree

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A new year has come. How have you been😊?


Hachi made Christmas dishes (struggled to decide what to cook and failed to present food on a plate…😓), Japanese traditional dishes for New Year, and enjoyed music and handcrafts so much in reality.

(Hachi slightly dreamt of being a human jukebox with the piano, collected sheet music, and practice some short pieces of music with chords melodies, like ”Happy Birthday to You”, “Good Morning to All” and “Once Upon a Dream” 😤.
However, she learned it was impossible for her at the end of 2021, realizing how much she would need to practice the piano……😱)

Listening to a lot of wonderful and variety pieces of music reminded her of the comfortable sound (the combination of high-pitched sound and bass), like the song of Sailing my life (on Spotify) Hachi recommends to listen to it with headphones to hear bass), the article of “A dream about a piano teacher“.
And she hope to practice the piano again little by little, and try(!) to learn chords and modulation this year.


However, Hachi has to admit she felt tense during the holiday season (she was shocked to see a midcheek groove on her face…..) so that her holiday might come after this article.



Let things lie down (feeling of the end of 2021 behind the articles)


In the end of 2021, she wrote several articles and posts, feeling almost everything she got in last nine years seemed to run out in last two years (and kept running faster than usual).
(Some/many of you might feel you are keeping running as well.)



What caught her attention, while she was working on the series of posts, were these images and a movement in the music video below.




National Trust. 1 December, 2021. [Online]. [Accessed(again) 7 January 2021]. Available from:

 A huge trees was knocked down from the ground.
Hachi was surprised to see it.





National Trust. 27 December, 2021. [Online]. [Accessed(again) 7 January 2021]. Available from:

Then again, a picture of a huge trees which was knocked down from the ground.
When Hachi saw it, she was not surprised anymore because she remembered the dream of a lying-down tree in her garden, which she had several years ago, and felt she needed to be like that soon.



Kaerou (Go Home)

The movement of falling down, and feathers sore high up in the sky.

“How am I going to live from now?”
The question and the movement made Hachi feel so comfortable.

And red balloons in the music video were the very reason she decided to publish “Red Fruits“.
(She took a photo of Pyracantha, which suddenly became gigantic in her garden in 2021 because of its roots out of a pot.
However, she did not know whether (or how) it was connected with the article at that time.

Why did Hachi remember the song?
Well, just before she finished writing the article, Ito and Hachi talked about “what Ito did for her family over the years comes around to her now.”
Then, Hachi suddenly remembered the lyrics of the song: “what you can give to other people shows what you were given by other people”.
Then, Hachi’s inner fear was resolved somehow, remembering everyone who made her.
That was a though-provoking moment.)



Hachi feels that she needs to hold the movement for a while.




Learning how to use internal heat effectively


After Hachi published articles, she happened to watch the documentary about Japanese sword.


Katana The Art of Discipline SPIRITUAL EXPLORES NHK WORLD Japan

Screenshot: NHK WORLD Japan. 2021. Katana: The Art of Discipline. SPIRITUAL EXPLORES.
(Available until December 26, 2022)



Hachi felt that the documentary showed her “for what purpose” fire or heat exists and how to use it (and deal with it). (7:55~)
(In 2021, she got burned by boiling water and was surprised by a fire alarm in a building for the first time in her life, and could not control internal heat.
Therefore, she has sensed that she needed to be able to use fire or heat properly.)


Other elements which emerged in her mind are here:

First, the word of “authentic” reminded her of the article of “Authentic parts to perform variety of functions

Second, Japanese sword reminded Hachi of sharp energy which cut Hanafuda Tapestry in the dream (in the article of “Heat“).
(Sharp energy, which tries to find out something essential, reminds Hachi of the article of “Eyes of Crow and Penguin” as well.)

Third, Hachi likes what the swordsmith said about sort of a meta skill. (around 21:00)


These elements would be important for her in 2022.



New Year’s Dream of Honeycomb


Did you have a dream on New Year’s Day😊?

Hachi did!


Here is her dream:


“Hachi was standing in front of a window, and watching a ninety-centimeters-wide charcoal gray honeycomb beneath a climbing rose of Iceberg (white rose) in her garden.


The shape of the honeycomb looked like a cacao or a ruby ball, and its surface was smooth.


There was a tiny hole on the center of the honeycomb, and a hornet was bumbling around it and getting into it as if it was falling down.”




Hachi does not know it has an actual meaning, yet it reminds Hachi of the article of “Authentic Parts to Perform Variety of Functions” again immediately, according to “making a honeycomb”.

Let’s see what will happen or what will not😊!




Inheritance? (Let things happen or emerge)


It is hard to put these feelings into words, but “inheritance” or “interacting more” might be the themes in 2022 as well.

Why does she feel so?

Well, these three songs, “Proud Corazón“, “Okaeri ga Omamori (My Charm is a Sense of Home you have created)” and “Kaerou (Go Home)“, are in her mind, and her series of action lately seemed to emphasize the theme of death in the meaning of living better and fulfilled lives.

She wrote the message below on 4th January, 2022, didn’t she?

Hachi feels sorry if a series of actions seems to emphasize the theme of death.

Yet the theme of death includes the end of the current situation or theme.

And she would like to let you know that the theme of “living better and fulfilled lives” is emphasized around us when she talked to Ito.

(When Ito was slightly worried about getting older soon, she saw a hundred-year-old woman who held a newborn baby, exercised by herself and worked as a professional, which encouraged Ito.
Also her motor abilities have been getting better for several months somehow. )



One of the song, “Kaerou (Go Home)” reminds Hachi of the documentary of “América“, and she realized that the other two songs related to “América“ for her as well.






Hachi keeps the documentary in her deepest mind because it was so great and touching that Hachi and Peiji cried together while they were watching.

Hachi feels that she need to work on it soon or later.


Hachi is also interested in the movement of petals of marigold and feathers soaring up in the sky in the music videos below.


Proud Corazón
Petals of Marigold slightly get into the air as they are taking a step forward.


Kaerou (Go Home)
Feathers are soaring high up in the sky.



Hachi does not know what the movement means at the moment, but she feels something in it.




Let things flow


In last two years, Hachi suddenly started Inner worldwork even though she did not why, thanks to Ito.

Ito enjoyed to be interested in what was happening in the world while she was doing embroidery or knitting, and they talked about a lot of things.

Hachi feels the unexpected event gave them a sense of “true” inclusion.


If inner worldwork was started like “pushing a container forward” as much as they could, and it was shared among people, it was worth doing that.


Kaerou (Go Home)
Pushing a container forward (~2:00)



Hachi’s first memory is “a mother airing futon out in the sunlight”.

She feels the first memory indicates that she needs to do one of the hard and fundamental work without being realized in order to let people sleep well and create a sense of home, sometimes igniting her energy like the Sun.


woman airing a futon out
housing complex
Dark Japanse-style room and Sunlight
woman airing a futon out
housing complex
Dark Japanse-style room and Sunlight
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All images are from AC Photo. 
The First image: Hachi’s first memory. A mother who was airing futon out in the sunshine. 
The Second image: Futon was airing out like the image. 
The Third photo: One or two-year-old Hachi was sitting in the dark room in the morning, and saw her mother in the sunlight. (The photo is a room of a Traditional Japanese Inn, not a living room, and futons were not on the tatami floor during the day, yet the image is very similar to her first memory.)



Hachi unlocked the article of “Journey of Finding Natural Feeling” and her nature a few days ago, as you suggested a few years ago.
(Also, it was because she asked “who are you?” in the article of “Penguin’s Printing Factory“)


Now Hachi recognizes herself as a tiny sprout, and feels huge trees are out there.

She is going to learn what she needs to be authentic (main problem is to speak in English…), and will do inner worldwork sometimes, holding variety of sounds from high-pitched sound to bass, and whatever being required in a given situation.

(In order to do so, she might need to cherish somatic feelings more.)



Hachi hopes that things above for 2022 make a sense at least a little bit.






Added on 12 January, 2022


Hachi felt sluggish, sleepy and is lying down more than usual.

A lot of things and subtle feelings are bubbling up from “the seabed” in her mind, and those are gone before she catches them.


However, there is one thing, which bubbling up several times and she caught:

“How did ‘a person’ find ‘someone else’ even when ‘someone else’ was quiet or didn’t know who he/she was in a crowd?”


Hachi feels somehow that next generations (the concept of ‘generation’ might mean nothing sometimes….) are bubbling up, and roles are gradually changing as remaining the structure.


Hachi would like to know that someday when the time is right.








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