Our Story

Beelationship was started by a team of three women: Ito who was in her eighties, Peiji in her sixties, Hachi in her thirties.

The three women were all upfront and believed in the importance of dialogue to let relationships unfold.

They cherished housework: they felt that cooking is the activity of fulfilling stomach and heart, tidying up the house is the activity of keeping rooms clean and finding what is going on among people, and doing the laundry is the activity of preparing clean clothes and noticing everyone’s physical condition.

They also liked enjoying their own activities and finding something wondrous, and then they got together to share their new discoveries.

Knitting was their common interest.


There was a hidden theme that the three women had been unconsciously interested in for a long time but they could not verbalize: the strength of motherhood.

They felt and believed that the strength of motherhood or femininity can be found not only in women but also in men.


What does the strength of motherhood mean?

Why motherhood requires strength?

How is the strength of motherhood connected with fatherhood or masculinity?

In what kind of activities or behavior do people feel that the strength of motherhood is existing?

What will happen when motherhood works too much, too little or just right?

What if the meaning of the strength of motherhood is expanded not only to a family life but also to social communities?

Those were their central interests if verbalized.


Beelationship exists to explore those themes, identify what is going on, find next steps to solve problems, and practice those solutions from a viewpoint of communication and relationship.





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