Hello! I am Hachi, Director of Beelationship



Inner World Work, Raising Children (picture books) , Family (communication) , Process and System of Learning and Creativity for all people from children to adults.


Dream and Quiet Time
Hachi cherishes dream and sentient feelings as a compass of what is going to happen and what to do. She is rather a quiet person and needs lots of time, spending alone to be cleared out.

Hachi’s mother tongue is Japanese and her second language is English. She loves writing in two ways; expressing real and sentient feelings and explaining details.

She started to develop her communication style from Client-Centered Therapy. Then she added the style of Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work). She naturally tries to follow both process of a person in front of her and process between a person and Hachi. In this way, she tries to unfold relationship and resolve relationship issues and health issues.

Favorite Relaxation

For Hachi, a garden is a little universe and the great place for meditation. When she really looks at plants and insects world, she often finds a solution for problems. She enjoys making compost and learning holistic ecosystem.

For Hachi, art is the entrance of space-time travel.
Here are her favorites: The Pre-Raphaelite paintings (which once kept her six hours in a museum), motifs of girl and women, geometric pattern.
Favorite picture book artists are Elsa Beskow and Beatrix Potter.

Hachi loves to create a new thing by combining unexpected things.


Born in Japan in the 1980s.


Hachi is in charge of BLS Picture Book Database and BLS over70 Embroidery Co-gallery.


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