Khaled Reshad, a physician in Japan

In May 2020, Hachi watched the documentary about Khaled Reshad, who was born in Afghanistan and became a physician in Japan.


Screenshot of the program: NHK こころの時代


In the documentary, he talked about his experience with the radical military organization in Afghanistan.

He was threatened by the unknown letter, which said to him that he would be attacked if he gave medical treatment to people in Afganistan.

Then, he asked a member of the radical military organization whether it was the group to send the letter to him.

The member of the group answered that they would not do like that to a person who help people in his/its country.

After Mr.Reshad was making sure of that, he kept giving medical treatment.



Why could Mr.Reshad ask a member of the radical military organization about the letter?


Wasn’t he scared to face the group?


And, the group does not always do something awful?



Hachi was thinking like that while she was watching the documentary, and came to think that perhaps he could do that because he had his faith to help people in his homeland.

The depth and clarity of his faith might loosen an inner wall, so that some people might recognize it as kind of his inner strength.


His story in the tense situation also made Hachi think that it might be nonsense to distinguish “good” people and “bad” people.

Perhaps, both “good” part and “bad” part could exist in one person.

That is the idea which can be often seen in a movie, yet Hachi never felt the quality of human being closely in her real life.


The curious thing was that she was watching the BBC version of Les Misérables and heard that the other aspect of Abraham Lincoln’s Native Americans policy at that time.

She might be in the process of learning that kind of quality of human being without her realizing.




Intertwined matters? ・ I watched Les Miserables made by BBC lately, which emphasized the relationship between Jean Valjean and Javert. Jean Valjean stole a bread and was in a prison for 19 years. Javert was born in a prison as a child of prisoners and chose to take an authority role. Jean Valjean didn’t believe people but a priest gave him a seed to start the chain of loving people. Javert believed in his justice and seeking it so much that he couldn’t understand the attitude of Jean Valjean, who sometimes chose to turn his ego down. His attitude led Javert to kill himself. ・ I thought both people needed each other at the very deepest level to understand each other. And I wondered a lot where was the inner crossroad for Javert to the direction of seeking his own justice too much. ・ In 2019, quantum entanglement was measured. There are coupled things which exist to understand each other. I remember Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort as well. Intertwined things are hardly separated. I don’t have a confidence to see them clearly and separately because, in order to find it, it often requires shifting assemblage point. However I feel many intertwined couples are emerged now and somehow some of them are fighting each other to prove which one is a “good” side. ・ I’m in the midst of watching God Father series. It is opposite stories against Les Miserables but I feel those are also intertwined for me. ・ ・ ・ #Beelationship #lesmiserablesbbc #lesmiserables #javert #jeanvaljean #intertwined #godfather #hygge

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However, she could not get the feeling easily.

Listening to Mr.Reshad’s experience made her confused deeper, and the series of events made “her truth” fluttered for a while.



Mr.Reshad’s experience gradually led audience to the theme of economy.

Hachi cannot remember what he said exactly, but her somatic feelings remembered that it was important to invest money or energy in “thread and needles”, which were accessible to almost everyone, and were able to make pieces of things (or dots) come together.

(For example, he emphasized the importance of making water facilities or putting hands on the sick.

Those things or activities are something essential for human being.)



Hachi is still on the way of comprehending his story and the series of events.

The process has continued for at least two months.

It still flutters her brain and her heart, yet she is somehow happy to experience that for the first time in her life.



If you would like to know more about Khaled Reshad’s story, another episode is now available on NHK World until July 13, 2021.

You can watch the video via the link below.


Healing with Healthcare and Education_Khaled Reshad

NHK World:Healing with Healthcare and Education: Khaled Reshad / Physician, Reshad Clinic/Executive Director, Karez Health & Educational Services
Available until July 13, 2021



The article from the Japan Times can be also interesting.

Afghan-born doctor keeps adopted Japan city healthy while still helping his native land

The Japan Times: Afghan-born doctor keeps adopted Japan city healthy while still helping his native land



(After watching the video again and proofreading, the phrase of “….I would leave my quiet monastery” from the book of ‘The leader as martial artist’ by Arnold Mindell came up in Hachi’s mind.
Maybe Mr.Reshad’s atmosphere reminds her of that.)



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