Sounds and Movement of Sprouting





Those scences are from the movie of “My neighbour totoro


Could you join this movement for a moment?


Hachi is not sure that she should write this article now.

However, feedback which came through her head like arrows somehow made her feel that she should do it now even though the article would be rough and just a quick response to uncertain stuff (…to pre-sense of a possible experience?).

The movement above is the result of her inner work, trying to find the very core of things among all kinds of feedback.

It might get a point or it might not.

All she can say is she felt good when she did the same movement.
(It was kind of exercise and one of the good way to release the internal energy.)


However, the most important point seemed to be the process before sprouting:
how seeds are cracked, get stimulated to grow roots and notice there is the sun out of soil.



Thunder to Crack

In the realm of imagination, seeds are sleeping in the soil quietly.

Suddenly, they hear the sound of thunder.

“ONE” sung by THE ALFEE
The lyrics are saying “No one can be yourself except you. You have already had your own way to change the world. Be the one.”
The singer seems to be a lion against the wind, who gets the point, is supported by the tones of voices of the members.


Seeds are surprised to hear sudden thunder, and then suddenly cracked.



Encountering Dropping Water

Then, it rains out there.

In the soil, dropping water comes into the cracks of seeds.

“Anthem” sung by Leonard Cohen
The lyrics are saying “Ring the bell that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”
Leonard Cohen is a wonderful man, mentioning each person who performs with him and showing his appreciation to the people joining him for the day. 
(……just realized that he and his voice a little bit resemble Hachi’s grandfather(‘s voice) on her mother’s side.)


Seeds are feeling jazzy, wondering what will happen to them.



The temperature of the Soil

Seeds do not know what to do after being cracked, even do not know they can grow.

They are just surrounded by something warm in the soil.

Yes, the temperature of the soil begins to get higher.

“奇跡 2021” (“Miracle 2021”) sung by Masashi Sada
The lyrics are saying “I would like to be something bigger like love and protect you.
I hope to walk with you whether you notice me or not.
I would like to be something bigger like dream, which hold you.
Perhaps, I was born to protect you and your smile.”
The song seems to have the very sensitive nature because ‘I’ can be switched from “human” to “something in the air”, depending on how the singer sings.



Beat to Sprout

Seeds realized that they could grow.

Their hearts start beating faster and their will was born in their mind.

In the darkness of soil, they grow their roots here and there enough to being able to sprout.

“風に立つライオン” (“A Lion Standing Against the Wind”) sung by Masashi Sada
The song was dedicated to a Japanese doctor who worked in Kenya to treat people’s injuries by landmines or guns.
The song mentions amazing sceneries in Africa and the hope to live like a smooth flowing waterfall which appears as if it is tearing apart the deep blue sky. 
“Amazing Grace” is inserted in the song, which reminds of Hachi that the beat of the sound is like a hope to live a life, which is pulling up buried sorrow.



Explosive Energy Release

Finally, two leaves come out from the soil and they breath the fresh air.

Like a human baby, cell division of plants radiates so much energy around them.

The world welcomes them enough to ring the bells everywhere.

“希望の鐘が鳴る朝に” (“The morning when the bell of hope is ringing”) sung by THE ALFEE
The lyrics is saying “Now is the moment to start over. Be yourself and bring hope.”
Can you hear the sound of the bells?



Grow, Grow, Grow High Up in the Sky

No explanation might be needed.

Plants are growing high up in the sky, sharing the pleasure to live.

“Rockin’ All Over The World” sung by Status Quo
The song seems to be representing the movement at the top of the page exactly.
Can you see the movement of the hand of the vocalist and some of the audience?
The guitars moves the same way as well…!



Hachi basically loves jazz, gospel and soul music.

Yet rock music is also great, isn’t it?



Hachi still does not know why she wrote this article, but it makes her feel so good.

All energies flow smoother.


She even does not know the movement below means, yet, once again, let’s do that together!





Those scences are from the movie of “My neighbour totoro




added on 21st May, 2021:

Thank you so much for the wonderful interpretation, which Hachi did not realize.

Yes, we need to bend over first before we jump or grow…..!!

Thanks again for emphasizing the importance of bending over..!







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