A spontaneous play about Echo and Narcissus

Echo and Narcissus John William Waterhouse

“Echo and Narcissus”. 1903. John William Waterhouse.
Oil on canvas. Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.
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Let Hachi present a spontaneous play..!

An introvert sometimes(always?) makes an imaginary story while she is watching a painting.


Characters are “Echo” who represents femininity, and “Narcissus” who represents masculinity.

Echo is able to speak her own feelings in this play.


Echo: ……You are hurting me!

Narcissus: Huh? What are you talking about?
I am just watching myself. Look at this beautiful man.
I am not hurting you at all, right?
(watching himself, again.)

Echo:……… Yes, you are right. You are watching yourself. You don’t spit a water to me nor anything.
I partially like your energy, concentrating on yourself so much and do what you want to do, forgetting me.
Yet, ….. can’t you see? Why are you doing that so long, ignoring me?
Are you getting what you want from what you are doing?

Narcissus: ……..

Echo: Your body seems to be healthy but I see your energy around your body is fat.
Are you trying to gain more energies or the internal heat to fulfill yourself by watching you on the water’s surface?
I feel you won’t get it by that, nor by drinking alcohol to get excited or  to forget yourself, nor by having more social/financial power.
It is because you need me.

Narcissus: What are you talking about suddenly?
I just want to do as I want. What’s wrong with that?
You are just sitting and watching me.
Your attention is my source of energy. Yes, I need you.

Echo: ….I see you are thirsty.

Narcissus: ……..what?

Echo: The invisible fat energy around your body, which emptiness in your heart might create, prevent you from putting out the heat inside you, I mean, your internal passion.
Internal passion comes from a seed inside you. I want you to see inside of you with your mind’s eye, removing extra energy.
I am not a doll giving you my attention.
That’s why I said you are hurting me and you don’t listen to me.

Narcissus: Yes, I am listening to you! and you are annoying me…!

Echo: Okay, I got it. I won’t say anything anymore. Enjoy keeping doing that.
(Echo stands up, thinking “Oh, I am able to stand up.”
Echo thinks she needs to go to protect her important people and things.)

Narcissus: ………




Oh, what a play….!





(This play popped up in Hachi’s mind in the context of “crack“.
She is not tense at the moment, just feeling the situation is nothing but funny.
However, she keeps listening to what is going on and she does not underestimate delta variant at all.

How much more(highly) infectious is Delta variant? 
If you have not had information, these articles might be helpful.

(Hachi heard that a cloth face mask does not work anymore.
Non-woven face mask or, hopefully, surgical face mask* would be ideal.)

She just thought she would do whatever popped up in her mind, just because people in her mind are working harder not to spread delta variant or possible new one in Japan and around the world.

The feeling is similar to the one when she was in a high school as a baseball club manager, which never happened later in her life.
For those who could not experience the important moment of high school baseball tournament last year, she wants the society to be the place where they can experience the similar passionate feeling which they could have experienced.

For those who familiar with Japanese, the song of “風になりたい(to be the wind)spotify” in the radio program around 0:24:24 (aired on June 20th, 2021. available until June 28th, 2021) encouraged her to write this article.
The song of “創造 (creativity)”(English subtitles are available in the movie) happened to be aired while she was writing the article, as well.
Both energies of songs are ones she has not had before.)




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