Archangel Michael



Archangel Michael and St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery

Hachi‘s eyes have been caught on the Golden statue of Archangel Michael at Independence Square in Kyiv, Ukraine.

She could see its wings, which seemed to be larger than an angel, in the news, yet she could not see what it was like exactly.

Therefore, she looked into it and found that Archangel Michael seems to be a fearless man.

She happened to find St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery as well.

Hachi likes churches, temples and shrines because her mind became calmer and calmer there.

While she is reading Ukrainian history, she slightly felt Ukrainian nature: It is brave and independent.

(Yet she is not encouraging people in Ukraine to fight bravely. She hopes them to live.)

Hachi also read that Russian nature is accessional and subordinate so that they won’t be get along with Ukrainian nature in the newspaper.

Also, Ukrainian history shows that Ukraine was independent from sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, using its own language and there are old official documents to Ottoman Empire.

Then, Russia annexed Ukraine in the end of eighteenth centuries.

That means what Kremlin said (“Ukraine is the part of Russia”) is coming from the narrow historical viewpoint, isn’t it?


Michael Jackson

When Hachi heard the news that Kremlin and its troops invaded Ukraine, she could not believe what they were doing.

She knew that was totally wrong because Ukraine, NATO and the U.S. said and behaved congruently and consistently that they would not use maritally force.

However, she also felt that we needed the viewpoint which held all sides. (Even if Kremlin mentions massacres, those won’t be a reason to use military force in the land of Ukraine.)

Then, she read Kenyan U.N. ambassador compares Ukraine’s plight to colonial legacy in Africa : NPR.

His statement made Hachi cry in the midnight.

While she was reading it, she was singing Micael Jackson’s Heal the World in her lowest voice.

Perhaps, her facial muscles became like this (The statue of Buddha is Acala).

She wondered why Michael Jackson’s songs were coming up in her mind.

She is slightly realizing that the name of “Michael” is in common. 


Third aspect of masculine nature

In the article of “A feeling for the future“, she wrote that “why sort of masculine leadership or masculine people behave only in two ways, like ‘I’m a king!’ or ‘I’m a VICTIM because OTHER PEOPLE did this….’“.

As she is watching which country express which opinion, she realized that there was the third aspect of masculine nature or leadership: Saying what is wrong is wrong even if there was a relationship with Kremlin.

(Of course, she does not forget that time will show each country’s true opinion, which will be seen in statements and actions.)

(The third way of masculine nature reminded Hachi of her grandfather.
He was a very strict person, longed to be a soldier when he was a kid in WWII.
Yet, later, he played with Hachi as a grandfather, creating a toy (a box theatre made of rocks, stems and other materials in nature).)


What does Archangel Michael want to say?

Now, Hachi is wondering there might be something Archangel Michael wants to say.

What do you think what does it want to say….?

(Hachi feels that it might say “Rotten liars! Shame on you! Our nature is different from yours. Go home NOW! We cannot be a friend with people in Kremlin but we can be friends with Russian citizens. Do not disturb us! I see who is with Kremlin as well!”)



Patron of military personnel and those who are in danger (Added on 2022.3.2.)

Hachi realized that Archangel Michael is a patron saint of police officers, military personnel and those who are in danger.

Now it seems to be clear that Russian soldiers were not even told by Kremlin that they were going to war: they were told they were going to be in training sessions.


Hachi also read the news that Ukrainians created a website to give Russian families info about Russian soldiers because Russian soldiers’ death or their situation of being prisoners in Ukraine might be hidden by Kremlin.

There might be other websites for the same purpose.

From Kremlin’s viewpoint, it might say it is a lie.

However, from Ukrainians viewpoint, Hachi heard that they created those kind of websites EVEN for Russian soldiers who believe “they came to Ukraine to save Ukrainian from nazi”, EVEN when Ukrainians were scared of the current bombing situation.

From Kremlin’s viewpoint, if they think they need to save Ukrainians from Neo-nazi, and neo-nazi are some of Ukrainians, why don’t you sue “those Ukrainians” in International Court instead of bombing?


Then again, Archangel Michael seems to have something to say.

What do you think what does it want to say….?

(Hachi feels that it might say “How could you be such liars to “your” soldiers!? Do you hide their death? What a commander, Kremlin. You don’t deserve to be a commander, Kremlin. SHAME ON YOU.”)







Added on 2022.2.28. 2:02 am JST


Hachi happened to see the photo below. (She was thinking that she needed to find an image of Archangel Michael. Now she feels this is what exactly she imagined.)

Archangel Michael is coming and protecting Ukraine in the sky.

(※ According to the Japanese fact checking article, the image of clouds did not seem to appear over Kyiv. 2022.3.7.)










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