Mt. Kaimondake


Hachi once visited there but forgot to take a picture of it beautifully, watching it for a long time…!


When Hachi got exhausted, she closed her eyes and remembered Mt. Kaimondake in Kagoshima.

The scenery was surrounded by nature, out of human mind and system.

Hachi often feels like saying hello to it loudly (in her mind), if nobody looks at her even in the imaginary world😝 because she is rather introvert.

Mt. Kaimondake seems to represent a sense of stillness and detachment, accepting whatever happened, yet still charming.

Yes, it might be someone(?) who takes Hachi to a balcony to listen to her heart calmly and safely, and see a big picture.

What is it like to be with someone who helps inner work at home? (←she is in the imaginary world.)

Hard? Great? Maybe is it enough to work on with a colleague?

Hachi doesn’t know what it will be like, even can’t imagine which image she hopes (Perhaps it will happen).


Isn’t it hard to express the deepest self continuously?

Expressing the very deepest self requires lots and lots of mental energy and the soul becomes exhausted for a while.

Hachi feels it can be happened because it had to be done.

And she’s a little bit scared to do so in Japan. (why? Leadership issue? Men’s viewpoint of preference? or just her introverted nature? )


Anyway, Mt. Kaimondake is always in Hachi’s heart.

She often say to it “done with today’s work…!” in Kagoshima dialect loudly, and Mt.Kaimondake often listen to it smiling, in her imaginary world.

It is beautiful and charming, isn’t it?😊




(2020.08.17 added)

Hachi would like to go further a little bit about what she felt over Mt.KaimondakeMt.Kaimondakewhich is located in the very southern area of Kagoshima Prefecturewitnessed teenage pilots of Japanese Special Attack Units heading to their death 75 years ago.


This map has to be translated but Hachi isn’t in the environment to be able to do so at the moment.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Green pin: Mt. Kaimondake
Red pin: Chiran Peace Museum
Purple pin: Okinawa


However, she could not mention that in English above a few months ago.

It was because that was the part of The battle of Okinawa and World War IIwhich was begun by the Attack on Pearl Harbor, and she was scared to imagine that some of you might have relatives who were attacked by Japanese military forces.

Therefore she started to understand more about what Japanese military forces did in the other countries before and during World War IIincluding the Attack on Pearl Harbor, what they did in China and so on.



What helped Hachi to work on the spacespirit between Kagoshima and Okinawa?

While Hachi looked into the details of each battles or attacksthe condition of her body became weird.

She could hear her fast heartbeats all day.

She basically needs 8 to 12 hours sleep to think clearlybut she could sleep 4 hours for a few weekshaving a dream of the civilian victims, yet she did not feel sleepy at all.

She usually drinks a cup of coffee after lunchbut it became too strong and she needed only cups of mild and sweet tea.

She thought the condition might cause a heart attack or other symptoms so that she stopped to work on it.


Then unexpected help happenedsome related local documentaries were aired on television somehow.

That helped her to see the overview of the spacespirit.

She slowly realized that her weird physical condition might be in the same direction of the condition of commanders and soldiers during the war, and sensed that people in the crazy condition could not make a clear decision.

As Hachi experienced the unexpected supportshe feels very roughly that the media can be a place to hold open forums (for the pandemic as well.)

In addition to the possible aspect of the media, she also feels that an atmosphere or real” voices can be found through the media with your somatic feelings to stay in present.

That might be connected with the idea of nonlocality.

Yet, at the same time, we need to be careful about propaganda through the media (lately fake news as well).



Somatic feelings

The reason Hachi has been feeling something magnetic in the area between Kagoshima and Okinawa might connected with the experience at Chiran Peace Museum.

Chiran Peace Museum is located in the southern area of Kagoshima prefectureand it is near Mt. Kiamondake.



Hachi was at the southernmost train station of Japan Railways, Nishi-Ōyama station, near Mt.Kaimondake.
No.12 in the white circle above is the place of Chiran Peace Museum.


Hachi went to Nishi-Ōyama station near Mt. Kaimondake from Chiran Peace Museum.
(She is not good at reading maps, and sometimes gets lost….😅 )



In the museum, last letters from teenage pilots of Japanese Special Attack Units to their family were exhibited.

At the end of the exhibitionthere was the real Japanese fighter.

When Hachi was walking around it and watching its burned surfacethe right wing was the same height as her right arm.

Then she suddenly felt as if the right wing of the fighter was hot and it burned her right arm in a belt shape. (Of courseshe did not touch the exhibition fighter. She’s is still wondering the experience.)

That made her stopped in front of the fighter for a while, and made her think if I was a mother of a teenage pilotI would think I did not gave birth to him to be dead like this with a fighter…… I would be mad….

She did remember what she was thinking but totally forgot the imaginary burn.

A few years laterwhen she heard an action about a national policythe imaginary burn ached as if the salt was put on itwhich made her surprised as well.


Somatic feelings might be Hachis favorite channel.

(Visual channel is not sensitive.

Movement channel is not. She basically prefers stillness. If she dancesit is only when she becomes exhausted too much at midnight.

Auditory channel can be sensitive.

Relationship and world channels are sometimes sensitive.)


When she perceived something via somatic feeling channelit takes time to formulate what she feltand need time to start to talk about it. Sometimes a few years.


Being authentic meansfor herkeeping finding the very center(core) of her somatic feeling.

In order to do soshe tries to remove not this one” of wordsthoughts or actions about important matters. It might be similar to the idea of not-doing.

(Maybe creating a quiet environment and having certain amount of time are ones of the hardest tasks.)

Thenwhen the swing of thinking stoppedshe waits whether somatic feeling is movedIt is like a harp string being flicked.

She acts out only when her somatic feeling is moved (about important matters).



In the turbulence momentthe existence of a family in the broader meaning becomes more meaningful.

Each member of a family has a right and needs to express his/her feelings and thoughts by him/herself.

Yet there is sometimes a moment when it is hard to do so.

Then being understood with little expression is what he/she needs the most unconsciously.

It is a hard thing to be donebut if that could be happened some timesthey might begin to be a family because that requires continuous, good/deep quality of interaction.



Hachi loved to see your favorite mountainsrockshuge trees and wild rivers.

Each moment she saw your favorite earth spotshe felt that something extra was dissolved naturallyand felt as if she was supported to find which way to express.

Thank you for sharing your favorite earth spots and the same moments☺️





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