Anna Sato (2018) Surachi Maiagare (Stand up and fly into the future) from Sego Don theme song



The movie above starts from the lyrics part.
If you move the red dot to the left on the play bar, you can hear the piano and the drums performance.



Lyrics Harumi Huuki/ Translation into Amami languages:Annna Sato. (2018) Theme song of Sego Don Vocal and Piano Version. Avex CLASSICS.


Stand up as a matured person and fly into the future

Keep back tears and shout out

Hold the feelings of the dead


In order to let the world be filled with love



※There seems to be no official translation of the lyrics, so that the translation above is Beelationship version.



引用:【西郷どん】タイトルバックの唄に詩がついた 歌唱は里アンナ [Accessed 24 December 2020].
   【You Tube】西郷どん紀行 里アンナ 奄美シマ唄 2018/10/21 anna sato amami [Accessed 24 December 2020].

収録アルバム:「愛 Kana~島唄BEST」







What is Sego Don?

Sego Don is the title of the historical drama about Saigō Takamori who took one of main roles of the Meiji Restoration.







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