History as perpetrator

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Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor

Today is 8th December, 2021.

80 years ago, on 8th December (JST), 7th December (HST), in 1941, Japan attacked on Pearl Harbor.


(Whenever Hachi, as a Japanese, thinks of the fact that Japan attacked* or invaded* other countries, her heart rate becomes rapid.)


Since the last year, Hachi has felt that the day when Japan attacked on Pearl Harbor, and struggling feelings of Japanese national leaders at that time, are started to be focused more than ever by Hachi and perhaps in the atmosphere of Japan as well.

She thinks that it is important to think about history as a perpetrator.



Japan’s invasion of Asia

Japanese army’s arrogance, lack of logical thinking and Japanese people’s irresponsible enthusiasm for ruling Asia caused its invasion of Asia.


Last summer, Hachi looked into Nanjing Massacre, which was awful to see and made her feel nauseated.

She cannot dig deeper right now at the moment, because of lack of knowledge and her innerwork, yet she realized that there are few materials in Japan and there is a museum in China.

She slightly hoped to visit there when everything is ready.

(Even though Hachi cannot accept what is happening in Hong Kong or to Taiwan, because the structure seems like a child abuse,
(it might be said that that is a national issue, yet, when international society sees people in the areas are screaming and saying no, ignoring the voices seems not to be appropriate),
Hachi felt that it is natural for Chinese national leaders in three generations that they hope to make the country strengthen not to be governed or invaded by other countries.)


While Hachi looked into Nanjing Massacre, she slightly felt it was harder to look into it than Auschwitz (The Holocaust (wiki)).

Both tragedies are awful, and she is not trying to prioritize.

What she is trying to say is that soldiers who caused Nanjing Massacre looked like “people next door” for Hachi, and that brought Hachi a sharp pain as if it cut and scoop out her body.




Even though many challenges are still there collectively and personally, yet things seem to be getting better, looking back history.

Someday, we might be able to experience the heartwarming moments everywhere on the planet, as if the same theme emerged at almost the same time without knowing each other like the Cradle of civilization.

Hachi hopes to experience the moment while she is alive.

These innerwork above are all she can write down at the moment, and her innerwork will be continued.






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