Penguin’s Printing Factory


On Beelationship, a penguin often appears. Do you know why?



Hachi had a sensation two weeks ago, which said to her that she had no choice but to keep writing.
(She likes writing without having a sensation. Why now, all of a sudden???🤔)

(It was just after she wrote the article about the frequency for holding antinomy, considering tea culture in China and Japan* (sorry, the article is in Japanese at the moment).
The article was born thanks to a master of tea ceremony’s wish for world peace (and regret for the World War II), who was a former kamikaze pilot.)


The sudden sensation reminded her of a dream in 2016.

She thought the dream was personal one so that she did not open up in public, yet some feedback convinced her again and again that the dream might not be only for her but also for someone else as well.

Therefore, she would like to share the dream with you.



A dream in 2016

What was the dream she had in 2016? (It was on the first day of 2016!)

Well, it was about “Penguin’s Printing Factory”:


Hachi was visiting a printing factory, where a carbonized statue of a penguin welcomed people near the entrance.


(In the dream, she was the owner of the printing factory somehow.

And the printing factory has two areas: a foyer and a workroom.)


She went through the entrance and entered the foyer, wondering “what happened to the statue of penguin…? Why is it totally black….?”



Then, Hachi took a look inside of a workroom. 

She saw people working there, making copies of a book in a neatly organized zen-like room.


She said to people admiringly:


“Thank you for your beautiful work!!


(As she was looking at the wall shelves in the back of the workroom,)

….Why don’t we take out the archives on the shelves onto the workdesk?

Then, we can see inside again, and reedit them.


What do you think?”





In the dream, we might find mainly two elements; a carbonized statue of a penguin and a printing factory.

Someone gave Hachi an interpretation to the dream, which that the dream might told her that she should express herself more to the world like a penguin which could equally live on land as well as in the sea.




Being a “Penguin”


This photo was taken in 2016 when the figurine of a penguin came to Hachi’s room.

She does remember the day when she happened to find it at a bookstore.
She was walking around a bookstore and happened to find another perspective of treating an illness and another movement of the way of research, which was thought-provoking discoveries for her.
When she went to the checkout counter, the figurine of a penguin, which was so similar to the carbonized  statue of a penguin in the dream, was there…!.
She was surprised, and, of course, she got it and took it home…!




Being a penguin meant, for her, to move more freely among various levels of consciousness.

(Hachi used to freeze her heart, doubting her ability, so that she could not move at all.)


The way of expressing herself is writing.

She has loved writing since she was a child, and used to write a blog which helped her friendship deepened.


In 2016, when Beelatinship was about to be born, Hachi tried to write about something except personal life.

It would be harder for her, yet she dreamed much more about writing at that time: to reach the level of “inner worldwork” someday.


She did not know how or when to start it, but then, the pandemic happened.

Hachi’s irritation at the Japanese government policies for the pandemic, and a familiar feeling toward the nature of COVID-19, made her start “inner worldwork”.

(However, we don’t want the pandemic to last forever. Neither does she. What is she going to do?🤔)


Writing “inner worldwork” is tough.

Whenever she finished writing an article relating to “inner worldwork”, she thought this article might be the last one.

It was because she put all energies into it so that she became empty for a while.
(She often felt “what did I do? I should take care of myself and Beelationship….” after she finished writing it.)

However, “inner worldwork” somehow can be continued and gave her a lot of gifts.

It helped her to learn how to move among various levels of conciseness a little bit(, even though it is not stable yet).






Equipment on the Wall Shelves in the Printing Factory

Equipment on the Wall Shelves in the coroner's room

Screenshot from「”Miss Truth Episode 2″(大唐女法医 第2話) 36:34
In the coroner(Ran Yan)’s room, there was well-organized equipment for work on the shelves.
The image was so similar to the one in the printing factory…!
Hachi cannot realized that immediately, but that might be one of the reasons she liked the drama…!



Lately, Hachi feels like formulating things more and making them more useful.
(She is thinking of what she needs or her missing points more🤔)

After she remembered the dream, and happened to watch the Chinese Drama, “Miss Truth“,
the image of equipment/archives on the shelves kept moving her; Hachi was organizing her notes, archives in her room and so on.
(She hoped to do it for a long time, yet she could not find the connection between notes or because of lack of equipment….😅)

(By the way, Hachi talked about book shelves in private, didn’t she…?
It was before she remembered the dream and watched the Chinese drama.
She was amazed by the power of unconsciousness now….💦)


It is still tough work to integrate piles of notes in her room, but Hachi is happy to start to work on it!😊




Understanding Each Country’s Nature

While Hachi was watching the images of the shelves, she somehow thought that each country had “own collective shelves”.

She feels those can be the foundation of a real sense of community.


She lately talked to herself in her mind unconsciously, thinking of some countries.


“What is on “your shelves”?


Who are you?


Have you identified your nature?”



“Could I ask why you do that?


Why your god suppress women?


Why do you force people to be loyal to you?


Why your army shoot people randomly?”



“You might think you have stolen someone’s land.

Perhaps it can be true.
However, from another viewpoint, I hope you to remember your power like thunder broke shells of old customs and helped people.
The problem might be the continuous power of breaking old customs.”


I wonder you might hesitate to show your weakness.
The attitude can be true as a national leader.
However, leading a country can be tough work.
I hope people/other countries can help each other not by giving things one-sidedly but by understanding “what is on your shelves” and find your natural power to use it productively.


(I remember that I heard the rumor that someone was pretending a nice person, yet, as a matter of fact, he/she cheated you behind the scenes.

I don’t have any ways to make sure of that, yet I remember the rumor.)



Regaining a real sense of community might be one of the toughest challenges on this planet.

Based on the assumption, Hachi feels nothing special is needed to accomplish: just trying to feel into “what is on the shelves”(nature) each other, and find the way to use it productively.


It is because, when someone/a country forget “what is on the shelves”, he/she has too much energy which he/she cannot address.

We might be able to help each other to realize how to use his/her energy productively.


No matter how many times she thought of how to regain a real sense of community, her answer was simply like that.

How does it sound to you?



Lately, Hachi listens to “Asian Cafe” before she goes to bed.
(She bought the CD when she prepared for equipment of Chinese tea.)

Chinese tea set


The music really helps her not only to sleep smoothly but also to try to see unstable things from a bird’s-eye view patiently, loosening her mind😊




added on 21st September, 2021

Hachi is not sure whether another dream, which she had a few days ago, is only for her or not, yet she would like to share it because it seemed to be connected with the article:

Hachi was rearranging workdesks in a room to look into archives with someone else.


Then, other person came into the room and said that “a few more people are coming (to look into archives)”.


Hachi said, “Okay, we need a few more workdesks, but where can we put them…?(because the room is small for that. How? We need a bigger place?)”


Hachi woke up with her heart pounding, feeling that things in the dream were beyond her capability.




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