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In the article of Our collective minds lung”, Hachi wrote that dont freeze your heart.

She got feedback, which was that “the word of dont‘ was rarely used if someone could truly follow what was going on”.

Then, she thought and realized that she wrote the phrase to the old her.
(She once experienced that everything she had became uncertain as if her mind was frozen.)


If someones feeling is already frozenit is clear that the phrase won’t work.

At the same time, she had to write the phrase in order to talk to people who see things in a linear way.

That was also her true feeling.



Freeze the essentials

Now, Hachi feels like “freezing” something in her mind somehow. (Not to be frozen by an uncertain force but to freeze them actively by herself.)

(Her sleepiness and tiredness has gone after she wrote the latest articles, and the surface of the pond in her mind finally becomes calm now.)


Hachi mentioned that she experienced her deepest feelings were frozen before.

She won’t go into the details of the experience now, yet, briefly, let’s define it as the experience of forgetting who she was.

Was that experience bad?

Even though it made her struggle a lot, and she could not find out what was wrong easilythe experience taught her the essentials for her.


Honestly speaking, she doesnt know exactly what to freeze right now (in a positive way)yet she knows where to start.

Lets collect what is in her mind.


First, preparing for open air forums. (this line was added on 27th November, 2021.)

People are often using online meeting lately under the pandemic.

That means home is a part of outside a little bitwhich makes her step back and wants to read a chewy book.


Second, Play.

Our latest articles became tense but we also spent fun time behind them.

Ito made a funny misunderstanding (we hope to introduce it someday), which made everyone around her laugh.

Ito’s misunderstanding also gave Hachi an intuition to play as if they are in a theatre.

Ito smiled a lot as well by playing out together.

That reminded Hachi of her essential movieFinding Neverland.


Third, Ecosystem.

Ito and Hachi heard the news that dolphins came back in somewhere Australia because of the decreasing number of people visiting there.

The news reminded Hachi that she became so happy to see so many fat earthworms, baby earthworms and its eggs in her compost box in this early spring.

Perhaps, it was because she left the compost as it is for a while.

(Soil with earthworms makes plants healthier without extra care.)


Forth, a Change of Education, Learning Process.

After collecting some pieces of her thoughts, a feeling pops up in her deepest mind.

This is a fun moment.

She is dreaming of transforming learning process for her future children.

She likes education systems in HollandSweden and Finlandwhich try to raise the lowest line up and let the top line play a role of a facilitator.

That might be interesting idea for adults as well.

(While she was watching what was happening in Japan under the pandemicshe somehow think of that again and again.
She feels her past deepest passion is a kind of urgent task.



What is essential for you?

Essential workers seem to be coming up in our collective mind.

What is the essential part of your work?

What is essential in your life?

“Essential” seems to be a keyword at least for us.

How about around you? What is happening?





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