How microdroplets spread


We feel that the second wave of COVID-19 is coming earlier than we expect so that we are going to remember how microdroplets spread.


When microdroplets including COVID-19 virus reach to your eyes, nose or mouth, you are infected.

Therefore it is crucial not to get microdroplets, and for microdroplets not to spread.

We think that is the basic plan.

If you accidentally get microdroplets from other people, infection still can be avoided by not bringing microdroplets to your eyes, nose and mouth.

Those points also prevent you from feeling nervous and people from discriminating against medical people, their family and children, refusing a taxi which they took or refusing to accept their children at schools or kindergartens.


(In the article of “How to use a surgical face mask effectively”, we introduced some steps to use masks effectively.

However medical people take more detailed steps to wear protective cloths or use face shields.

Those steps are required every time they move from the hot zone to the safe zone so that it takes more time to do their work than usual.

Therefore, if we appreciate their work, we might be able to take prevention steps continuously in our daily lives even if it takes time, understanding how we can be infected scientifically like medical people.

Also, under the situation of complete cancellation of the emergency declaration in Japan, people are feeling a little bit relaxed.

Yet, considering the second wave of COVID-19 is coming, we need to ask ourselves that what we want to do now is truly needed to be done or we can take the detailed steps to do that as medical people do.)




Sneezing and Chatting


Microdroplets pose coronavirus risk (>NHK World Japan)

Micrdroplets spread when we sneeze or have a chat loudly.

How it spread was captured by a high sensitivity camera, which might be helpful.






NHK: クルーズ船の接触感染 実験で検証 新型コロナウイルス (>NHK)

NHK conducted an experiment to figure out what happened in the cruise ship where many tourists were infected.

In the experiment, one of ten participants represented a “infected” person and was put invisible fluorescent paint, which become visible only under a black light, to the palm of the person.

All participants were asked to enjoy the buffet as usual for 30 minutes.

You will find how wide invisible fluorescent paint spread, which represented virus.



Running and Walking

While people are running or talking each other, microdroplets spread. How wide does it spread?

The results can be adapted to the crowded area and might help you to decide how to behave.



Honestly speaking, Ito and Hachi were about to feel relaxed a few weeks ago as they are getting used to their new routine.

Then the documentary of what happened in the cruise ship told us that depression would come after long-term isolation so that Hachi wondered a lot whether Ito’s hope had to be listened to more carefully; she hoped to go outside.

At the same time, she thought what Peiji, who is good at hygiene and risk management, would say: she might say they needed to thought about changing their behavior carefully when people relaxed and started to go outside.

Then Hachi and Ito talked about how microdroplets spread according to the above information, and think about whether they would regret or not if they went outside, enjoyed fresh air and accidentally infected.

Fortunately they could find another way and did not go outside.

Now they knew that COVID-19 was spreading quietly at that exact moment.

Peiji has courage to say her opinion clearly according to information, which made Hachi respect her(whispering).


Perhaps having or taking care of a family is continuous process like this.

Kindness sometimes means saying no based on information, past crucial experiences or somatic feelings, and not let people do what they want to do immediately.

It can be said that it is the difference between girlish sweetness and the strength of motherhood.

(Hachi guesses that things must be harder if the priority is different between a couple or among a family.)


We will keep physical distance, our eyes open to find information and do our routine continuously. (even if it takes time and sometimes make Hachi move back and forth….!)

Someone once told Hachi that accepting limitation brings real creativity.

Actually that was true.

And now it can be the similar moment.


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