Agony of War


This is Hachi‘s note.


Why a war reminds of the past agony of war?

While Hachi was watching the news, she felt her viewpoint was shifting: she realized that she saw facts in bird’s eyes-view, not in horizontal perspective as if she stood on the land.

She knew Japan invaded China but she saw the facts in bird’s eyes-view: Chinese people must be, definitely terrified and screamed, facing Japanese soldiers attacking them with sword points and guns.

She is totally ashamed to say that she realized lately that Japan also invaded Korea and Taiwan: she will look into that.

She did not know Imperial Japanese Armed Forces attacked on Australia as well.
(However, Australia recognized Japan as one of the most trustworthy friends after eighty years from the attack on February 19, 1942, which made Hachi feel welling up.)

As a Japanese, whose country once invaded Asia, Hachi is on the side of learning its imperialism history, so that she is still reading and working on this: Kenyan U.N. ambassador compares Ukraine’s plight to colonial legacy in Africa : NPR.

As a Japanese who learned the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki since she was a child again and again, she clearly thinks that using a nuclear weapon and even mentioning that is what people who did not learn history do or people whose bodies live in modern-day but whose minds wander before 1945 do.

(Hachi looked into the history of soldiers of Japanese Special Attack Units as victims of imperialism (because her grandfather longed to join it*), but now she does feel American soldiers must be terrified by the attack from above suddenly.

Now she feels her heart and an imaginary burn on her right arm in a belt shape* is aching.)



Odessa, on May 2, 2014

Okay, let’s face the current situation.

What Kremlin wants to say is something like this, isn’t it?

“If you want to make a better world, FACE THIS!”


It is about what happened in Odessa on May 2, 2014, right?




Hachi tried to look into it, then she found these articles.


These articles are from the U.K., Germany and United Nations.

Hachi could access those information.




In the article of Archangel Michael, Hachi realized this.

Ukrainian history shows that Ukraine was independent from sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, using its own language and there are old official documents to Ottoman Empire.


Then, Russia annexed Ukraine in the end of eighteenth centuries.


Beelationship Archangel Michael


Then, Hachi heard that Ukraine and Russia have a complicated history, like Holodomor in 1932 to 1933:

Holodomor – Wikipedia


(On 14th March, 2022, Hachi heard the news that Russian troops were attacking food supply (humanitarian supplies) to the cities in southern area of Ukraine, and people were getting to starve.
What is going on right now? 2022.3.16. 7:27 JST)




Hachi won’t be easily in the peaceful mood, and history shows that negative spiral is coming from attack and counterattack.

Physical ones are the worst things.

There are people who suffered a lot but transform their agony into power to de-escalate and create a better situation.

That is mental strength.

Hachi respects those kind of people, and she sees them.

She keeps looking into history no matter how hard it is.




Cry, Add things and Transform instead of Using weapons (Added on 2022.3.5.)

Hachi happened to find Michael Jackson’s song “Cry“.

(Hachi’s agony of war is somehow connected with sea, so that she projected her feeling onto the lady who watched the sea in the video.
Also, the sound around 2:31 sounds like the sound of a falling bomb for Hachi in this mad situation, which gave her a chill in her spine.)


She knows that the movement in the music video is not enough for Ukrainian people.

They need immediate and actual help.

The scenery and the situation in Ukraine already showed a lot of signs of war and entropy:
She heard that people have been scared of bombs falling on their heads for a long time.
Burned soldiers were on the road.
A woman lost her leg by bombing.
We don’t know what Russian soldiers would do, who have a sense of superiority, don’t have enough food, are under pressure of long-term danger. 
Some people are getting medical treatment WITHOUT electricity, water, food and heater. Medical people are working hard there in the same circumstances.

Kremlin said that “this plan” would not attack Ukraine and civilians, didn’t it?
It said its action meant to be “peacekeeping”, didn’t it?

Then, why does it has to break civilian buildings and kill civilians?

Where is peace?

How do you suppose to create peace?

By suppressing Ukrainian people? Oh, that won’t create peace.

Can you be defenseless and unprotected when your neighborhood, which says “you are my brother”, suddenly cross the border and attack you?

Ukrainian people need immediate help to spend time safely, live a normal life with their family again, and live as who they are.

You, Kremlin and Russian media, have the same dream, don’t you?

How does Kremlin let Ukrainian people’s dream come true if it really feels the spirit of brotherhood to them?

(Hachi thinks Kremlin’s viewpoint about what happened in Odessa is important to create a better world.

Then, why not add your viewpoints, documents, testimonies to the unsolved problem, instead of using military force and increasing entropy?)


Hachi feels that the people in the music video represents people on the earth who are against this tragedy now. 

People are talking about the tragedy in Ukraine, searching for what they can do, feeling agony inside.

They might be holding back tears, saying “ENOUGH”.

The video might show our hope to cry with this tragedy soon or later.
(Hachi herself cannot do that yet, though. She hopes to have a clue which makes her so relieved that she could cry.)

What do you think?




People are Crying (Added on 2022.3.7.)

These are some posts Hachi could not forget.


Hachi does not know what to say about them, but, do you, Kremlin and its troops, really think people, who remain in the cities of Ukraine after evacuation routes are closed, are “fighters”?

They were just a father or an elderly mother before you crossed the border, aren’t they?



BBC News(@bbcnews)がシェアした投稿




Children were getting treatment in a normal life.

Now time simply costs their lives.

The matter is a hidden destruction, which has to be immediately improved but won’t be put on ceasefire talks.

Do you hear what the woman said at the end of the video?

She simply said (to Russian troops) “Stay in your country. Don’t touch me. That’s all I ask.”



BBC News(@bbcnews)がシェアした投稿


(On March 9th, 2022, a maternity and child’s hospital was hit by Russian air strike and three people including a child were killed.
It was the day after International Women’s day, and during agreed ceasefire period. 2022.3.11. 21:05 JST)

(A pregnant woman who was injured has passed away, along with her newborn baby. “Realizing she was losing her baby, medics said, she cried out to them, ‘Kill me now!’ ” the AP reports. (NPR) 2022.3.15. 22:04 JST)




Hachi could not forget his deep sigh like an adult.

Can you see what have been broken?

Children need time to play, not a deep sigh like an adult.

His heart is shaking, missing and being worried about his dad.

The destruction also has to be put on ceasefire talks, but, perhaps, it won’t.



The Guardian(@guardian)がシェアした投稿






Never-fulfilled Greedy Ego (Added on 2022.3.13.-3.19.)

People who have a belief that “What is yours is mine, and what is mine is mine”, seems to actually exist in reality.

Hachi starts to realize that those kinds of people look like same human but their mindset is totally different.

Why are they good at keeping making things up to justify themselves, even if those were easily checked?

Why do they quickly find another subject and make other things up to justify themselves and spread the things, when they realized that things they used to make up would not work anymore?

To fulfill their greedy ego?

Is it because those kinds of people think they are the cleverest person in the world and they know everything?

If so, why do they get angry to other people around them?


In the eastern areas of Ukraine, it is said that pro-Russian people are sent and live.

Hachi knows that is a part of Russia’s plan of setting up a puppet government.

However, from the viewpoint of ordinary citizens, if pro-Russian people like Russia, they need to move to Russia.


Never-fulfilled greedy illogical ego was spread with weapons by its troops, and killed many innocent and non-resistance people.

A girl and her family were killed on the road during evacuation.

Many people were killed and now buried in a massive, long and narrow grave in the ground in the 21st century.

A woman said crying that she witnessed a person split by bombing in front of her when she waited in the queue to buy bread.

It is barbaric not only to bomb in civilian areas but also to make people witness tragedies in front of them, which can cause PTSD, isn’t it?

How do you suppose to make up for their agony?


When do you take care of your never-fullfilled illogical greedy ego by yourself, and transform it into negentropy?

If you really are an international person, why don’t you relate to other people in other countries who have a variety of sense of value (perhaps, those are the ones you don’t like, though), instead of threatening other people with weapons; that means joining an international open dialogue.


Hachi thinks negotiation is different from dialogue.

Negotiation is a linear way of communication, isn’t it?: “If you give me A, I’ll give you B.” If there is no agreement, that’s all.

Dialogue is a nonlinear way of communication: it requires patience to hear other people’s story.

Perhaps, we need to talk our stories or what is in our mind in the style of “‘I’ think / feel / saw / experienced / heard” (The important thing can be the subject: ‘I’, not ‘you’ nor ‘they’.)

Negotiation seem to be harder communication, and dialogue seems to be softer communication for Hachi.

How about you? You feel the opposite?

When both are combined, something we did not expect will be found, and then, we can follow the things.

In the tense situation, we might feel something between people just by sitting and seeing each other just for 5 minutes.


Of course, you don’t have to relate to us unless you attack other people, and you can stay in your comfort zone.

However, you need something to explain why you started the war to your people.

Then, why not explain to your people that you’ve got ideas to flourish your country except your ordinary ways and try to gain them? (Of course, that won’t be easy for both of us at first.)

Our mindsets are totally different so that you won’t believe things above and you don’t have to, but Hachi and perhaps other people are believing that there are more important things in this world than controlling other people or other countries’ lands.

That is, perhaps, relationship.

Hope you to think about that.

(By the way, it is so weird to say this, but thank you for opening safe humanitarian corridors without any hidden weapons.
Yet there were not safe humanitarian corridors and there are people in Ukraine who are still suffering, frightened and need humanitarian aid immediately.)







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