Who employs you/me/us?






(added 2020.5.27.)

What are you aiming for?

In other words, if you are staying close to it more, to where will it lead you?

Hachi basically has the viewpoint that the upper limit is that taking part of it personally but not collectively because collective commitment will gradually transform your community into a one-sided group, and makes original value disappeared; a sense of home or following something essential.

She feels that making consensus about a boundary and creating original vibration are important, and focusing the theme/problem/nature which is that “facilitator is one of the most marginalized roles” mentioned by a faculty seems to be more important.

(She lately feels that the chosen one is also human being, and was surprised a lot to notice by chance last fall that the husband of the couple seemed to lost his North Star and the wife seemed to be ambitious.)


The song of “Love Me With All Of Your Heart” sung by Kiyohiko Ozaki is the one of the most favorite songs for Hachi.


She sometimes finds herself humming to herself while she is cooking or spending time at night.

His magnificent voice makes all her energy released smoothly, feeling like spreading both her arms.

Then she realizes that, in order to hold many parts, energy like the volume of his voice might be needed.

That means quite a lot.

Do we have the amount of energy or vibration?

Is every energy or vibration connected properly and smoothly in individual or as a network?


…..Oh, she remembered this:

Sometimes she remembered the dream in 2018 lately.

Weird Dream:
I and a man were in a dirty public restroom looking out a window.
The man has developed his idea and community, and I was listening to him about the history to see the future.
In each bathroom stall, people somehow ran their business.
A woman was doing surgery to Frankenstein.
I simply thought “Is that worth doing in a dirty public restroom?”
Looking around the public restroom, people were doing “unnecessary” work to get some food.
The man and I decided to ask them to give us some products.
Then we made meals and served them to everyone.
After the function was created in the public restroom, it become so clean, no wall and people were doing only essential work.
We got more sustainability with less energy.
I felt that our action were unlikely but I was relieved it turned out to be okay.

What does that mean? Is that about Redistribution of wealth?

2018/06/19 12:48


She doesn’t know the dream has a meaning now but the dream included the keyword of “essential” so that at least it meant something to her.



Peiji loves Kiyohiko Ozaki and has many his CDs.

He always arranges his songs a little bit so that his fans are looking forward to listening to and finding his new arrange.

He is like a jazz singer.)


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