Our collective mind’s lung




Hachi never thought that inner worldwork series would be started with the severe COVID-19 situation.


COVID-19 attacks many peoples lungswhich seemed to her that our collective minds lung has been attacked.

Since she felt sosome questions have been repeated in her mind.

This inner worldwork might seem to be weird.

But many people are sufferingmedical people are taking a leadership role on the linepoliticians are making decisions for directionsand there are people who try to behave brightly.

What can we do as a person who is working on peoples mind?

The answer is here;


Dear our collective minds lung

You have been attacked by COVID-19.

You must be so hard under this situation.

Dont you have anything you have suppressed for a long time in your mind?

Could you tell us your feelings a little bit even though we might not be aware of them when you tried to express that?


If the questions were translated in the words of realitywhat do we marginalize for a very long time about maybe our social structuresuppressing our inner feelings?

Top-down answer might not work.

Lets find truly bottom-up answers.


Who is a leader?

A leader is not authority. A leader is someone who has an idea.

That means you can be a leader at given moments.

Dont freeze your heart.

Not only in the meaning of keeping your body warmbut also that economy will be recovered if your feeling is not stuck.

Economistsdon’t you have any idea which you have marginalized?


When words or one movement are once expressedthose become vibration and go through continents immediately and might cause a small explosion as an intuition.


P.S. Do you know how to clean up any kind of virus at your home?

If you dont know it, please search it and find your routine.



P.S.2 (2020.4.3. added)

After Hachi wrote the articleshe began to thinkif something was contagiouscreativity was better than COVID-19.

Then she remembered this card.

“Creativity is Contagious. Pass it on.”




Yesit might be about contagiousness.

She skips to write calculation(or inner work or whybut this unknown phenomena might want us to realize that we have creativity more than we think.

But creativity or transformative creative collaboration requires dark moments and kind of discipline.

Its because you might not be able to be more creative or listen to the voice of sort of creative mind in you at a restaurant or a party.

After we experience that fully and deeplythese questions might be answered;

If we can be creative more than now or collaborate contagiously and transformativelywhat kind of equipmentsmindsets and economic structure do we need?


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