Authentic Parts to Perform Variety of Functions



Specialized DIY Parts and New System in Home Improvement Store

Lately, Hachi hang a mirror on the wall with DIY metal parts.

She could finally work on that because she found the parts she had been looking for for a long time.


DIY metal parts and a full length standing mirror.
The mirror which Hachi bought when she was at a university is useful, but a little bit bothersome, because it has to be moved 
when Hachi vacuums.
Therefore, she has wanted to hang the mirror on the wall, wondering how it can be done.
Now, she got the answer (the DIY metal parts).
Let’s get started!




It is complicated to understand and distinguish functions of DIY parts.

Hachi was often overwhelmed by a variety of types of parts, especially when she went to a home improvement store.

However, things were changed because of the pandemic.

People can order stuffs via the internet (so that they can wonder a lot before they decide stuffs), and received stuffs at a local home improvement store.

The system made Hachi so happy and saved Hachi’s time a lot because she could find DIY parts for different projects at the same time.

(Do we/Beelationship have an extremely smooth flow/system like that?)

Perhaps, the system solved surplus inventory at a home improvement store as well.


Under the pandemic, Hachi felt and learned that the flow of tangible materials was quite important more than ever.

Sometimes, stuffs solve problems or boost changes.

That might sound to be ordinary, but Hachi, who always think of invisible matter(people’s energy or group dynamics), did not focus on the viewpoint so much.

However, she lately allows herself to solve problems by stuffs, and tries to connect her inner vision with stuffs strictly.


(While Hachi was writing an article of “Penguin’s Printing Factory“, she remembered a conversation with a friend of hers when she was at a university.
A friend of hers was going to be a dealer and Hachi was going to be a therapist.
A friend of hers said to Hachi that “A therapist needs to prepare just a room and furniture for work, doen’t it? That sounds good. I have to buy lots of things and sell them. There is a big turnover of stuffs.”
Hachi still does not know why she remembered that, but she feels there seems to be a missing point in the conversation and the possible missing point would be important for the future somehow.)



Stable Connection and More Narrow Focus

While she was waiting for DIY metal parts, she remembered the post in 2019 below.



Hachi wrote the post spontaneously at that time.

When she read it again, she was surprised to realize that things seemed to be on that way; we might have tried to identify a stable joint, and now, we slightly see it.

She also felt that we might be facing the phase that narrower focus was required for the future.




Tools in the Background and Viewpoint toward Marginalized Elements

Now, Hachi got the DIY metal parts.

Narrow focus is required in order to hang the mirror vertically.

The first important questions was “Where is the center point of the mirror?”

The center point of the mirror cannot be seen until you try to see it.


The second important question was “How can I copy the distance between the metal parts onto the wall?”, and the third one was “How much white space is ideal for the mirror to look nice?”

The answers for both questions had to be combined as one on the wall.

Hachi found the answer by using the experience from sewing! 


In order to copy the distance onto the wall, some tools in the background were required.

In order to find the ideal white space, other person’s help was needed.

Then, Hachi combined the answers.


Hachi loves DIY because we can gain wisdom and apply it to another scene.



Depth of Shadow

Hachi successfully hung the mirror vertically on the wall.

The unexpected result was the layers of the shadow.

The mirror was successfully hung on the wall vertically!



The layers of the shadow behind the mirror reminded Hachi of the sensation in the National Gallery.

Hachi was amazed by not only the paintings in the National Gallery but also the colors of the wall and the shadow of the frame.


(The photo’s focus is on the woman, but Hachi hopes you to see the paintings, the color of the wall, and the shadows of the frames.)


Hachi watched the The Pre-Raphaelite paintings in the U.K. and the same paintings in Japan.

However, the impression was totally different.

It might be because of the color of the wall and the depth of the shadows by light.


The sensation is telling Hachi like this:

The layers of the shadows created a depth.

That creates an atmosphere of authenticity.

Are you ready for the remaining last 20% of learning process?




Sorry for getting off the track, but Hachi did remember this:


When she went to Harrods, she was surprised to see TOD’S shoes(or other luxury shoes) were displayed in general shoes floor.


Hachi has an impression that a luxury product company often has its selling area surrounded by walls in a department store.


Therefore, Hachi really loved the openness in the shoes floor in Harrods.


The reason she remember TOD’S shoes(there were other shoes of luxury brands) might be that its image reminds her of high quality of artisan work to make people feel comfortable and to make products last longer.



People working in Harrods would definitely get angry at Hachi when the experience above reminded her of the dream below, but she hopes you to read the dream below, focusing on the element of “openness without walls”.)



Weird Dream:

I and a man were in a dirty public restroom looking out a window.

The man has developed his idea and community, and I was listening to him about the history to see the future.


In each bathroom stall, people somehow ran their business.

A woman was doing surgery to Frankenstein.

I simply thought “Is that worth doing in a dirty public restroom?”


Looking around the public restroom, people were doing “unnecessary” work to get some food.

The man and I decided to ask them to give us some products.

Then, we made meals and served them to everyone.


After the function was created in the public restroom, it become so clean, no wall and people were doing only essential work.

We got more sustainability with less energy.

I felt that our action were unlikely but I was relieved it turned out to be okay.


What does that mean? Is that about Redistribution of wealth?


2018/06/19 12:48






Sorry again for getting off the track.


While Hachi was writing this part, she was listening to the documentary about WHO and China’s action in the early phase of COVID-19.


Things have changed in some degree so that Hachi is not going to complain about this.


She simply thought that it was necessary that the report delay of COVID-19 by China and WHO, and WHO’s “distorted structure” related to the fund, had to be pointed out by the former president of the U.S..


Almost everyone wants to hide his/her mistakes. That is not bad.


However, when someone tries to hide a suspicious point which affects many people, other person needs to point it out. (It is a different issue to keep making walls, though.)


A truth has to be in the center stage if we want to solve the problem truly (even though it is still hard to recognize it is a “problem”).


Without a truth, nothing moves.


That could cause a sad result, which is that people in the weakest position suffer the most.



A funny thing is that people in authority with suspicious points often call people’s attention to protect other people in the weak position, or try to change people’s attention to a different direction.



The same thing seems to be happening in Japan, which is about a marriage of a princess of one of royal families.


Some people in authority in a closed system seem to be using its enormous power for themselves out of control(without awareness) sometimes.


When things do not go well as they intend, they recognize themselves as a victim or suppress different opinions or viewpoints.


Almost everyone has its tendency.


However, when people in authority cannot use its enormous power productively, it would be tragedy for people around them and for themselves.


They seem to be used by its power.


They won’t be in the state of peaceful inner calm.




Is that what is happening in the deepest level at the moment?




The Hachi’s mirror is nothing special. She bought it at a home improvement store when she was at a university.

She loves the mirror more now because of the whole DIY process and the sudden sensation.



Functions for Honeycomb

A calculator which is able to calculate mathematical expression with parentheses.
It is very useful because it prevent Hachi from remembering and reentering an answer from a previous formula.
Hachi used the calculator in psychological measurement class when she was at a university.
After that, she has put away in a desk for a long time.
When she needs a calculator, she remembered it, and changed the battery to use it again.
Now, it was a sort of a game changer for her with the least energy.



Hachi wrote like this in the article of A dream about a piano teacher about the possibility of open “air” forum.

Hachi feels that some themes might require lots of energy as much as she needs to loosen some of her ribs (of course, it is impossible…!) to feel people’s feelings, to hear people’s voice and to see atmosphere of the field, including herself as well.

Then, she remembers that journalism, knowledge of laws and history, and variety of ways of research are required as well as music, exercise and tea time.

Beelationship. 2021. A dream about a piano teacher.


But, hmm…., you know what? Hachi does/still dream(s) of open (air) forum; she dreams that it will be continued longer and deeper from now.

Hachi feels that open (air) forum can give encouragement to each other locally and internationally.

It can be held just between two people or among many people who meet for the first time regardless of positions.

It will point out what to do or what to dig deeper naturally, thanks to collective will after things are going back and forth.

She feels now that collective awareness once steps forward, it will not return.

Beelationship. 2021. A dream about a piano teacher.


Hachi has used several functions unstably.

Her next goal is that experiencing many occasions to be able to use functions stably.

(She does remember that a set of activities of working for children and of having supervision constantly was the best flow of learning and working process.)


In order to reach that level, she was thinking of making the layer of honeycomb in Beelationship.

Honeycomb would be a container.

Hachi would put a variety of functions and insights in it.

However, whenever she was about to work on it, something happens.

The last time was the pandemic.

Is that a bad idea because it would be a closed system?

Or maybe, she has to make the layer in the society? If so, how?



A honeycomb which Hachi found just before the name of Beelationship was born.



In any way, she wants to make a “honeycomb” to prevent someone form having a “honeycomb” in a lung (from a fractal viewpoint).

And Hachi wants to be “parentheses” in “mathematical expressions” or trustworthy and specialized “DIY parts”, which do authentic work.

That is what she is working on at the moment.


She also keeps to cherish her idea that a distance and a difference mean a lot in the network: that is the greatest source to help each other locally and internationally.

Hachi is a woman who cherished a sense of home/community and feminine leadership in some degree, lives in Japan, Asia, who needs time to think quietly while she was cooking, watering a garden or having a cup of tea, likes listening to music and people’s stories in the variety of fields.




Movement of Open “Air” Forum

Lately, some members of the Subcommittee on Novel Coronavirus Disease Control, citizens and the media held an open “air” forum to discuss about how to apply a set of a vaccine passport and a test kit in the Japanese society.

Some members of the Subcommittee on Novel Coronavirus Disease Control were elder professionals in infectiology, economics, analysis of current situation of infection, and a study between infectiology and social impact, so that Hachi will be arrogant to say this, but she really appreciate them to hold the open “air” forum because they could be attacked by citizen’s anger.

Some citizens were actually angry.

However, the citizens and the members discovered that not only a set of a vaccine passport and a test kit was important, but also the more important and hidden issue could be a possible devision by the system.

When the opinion was shared among citizens and members, they all were nodding deeply.

Hachi was so happy to see that.

She felt the situation in Japan was going to be better.

(She often becomes so sleepy for a week after she participated the psychological seminar because the seminar often touched the deepest part of her mind.
So did the open “air” forum above.)



We might already got main essential equipment, systems and relationships in reality or in the pre-essence realm roughly.

What we need from now might be more constant narrow focus to make them actual authentic parts and a variety of functions in the society.



We might think that there is a sense of home/community so that people will join an open “air” forum and talk about their honest feelings or thoughts naturally. 

However, Hachi thinks the cause and effect are reversed: we continues a small open “air” forum and talk about our honest feelings and thoughts, and we try to keep identifying central issues, so that a sense of home/community can be created.

Then, people join an open “air” forum and it can be continued more.


No one can force other people to join an open “air” forum and to talk about their honest feelings or thoughts.

They should decide what they would do by themselves.

Our possible mission might be to create a trustworthy, authentic and practical container and functions for people, in which they are feeling like talking about themselves or detailed things naturally.


Our “truth” represents in a sense of home/community.

Our skills and functions are in the background.


Oops, Hachi’s mind said,

Go for it!



If two things are coupled and one thing moves, other thing moves.





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