The black roots of gray hair



After Ito and Hachi had dinner last nightHachi found the 1 centimeter black roots of gray hair at Itos hairline.

A hair grows 1 centimeter a monthdoesnt it?

What happened to her body in the last month?


Under the pandemic situationIto stayed home from the day care services center for seniors, stopped receiving in-home helpand started to spend time with Hachi.

Ito wondered What affected my hair? Nutritional balance?

Hachi answered and added to it that Maybe you could rest assured that you are not aloneand slept well.

Ito is 88 years old now.

Surprisingly her body proved that it still has power to be recovered.


At the beginning of the last monthshe ate like a sparrow.

Now she eats as much as Hachi eats.

Hachi was so happy to see the black roots of Itos gray hair and hugged Ito.


Then suddenly Hachi thought that time had come to write more about what was inside of Peters script book” for her.

She is going to write freely out of logical mind.

She wondered a lot whether she should write but was finally encouraged by hair topics.

She hopes you to read below a little bit dreamy.


What was inside of Peters script book” for her was about COVID-19.

In Japanpeople often ask experts when the pandemic gets stamped out.

Experts can only answer that please be prepared for long-term relationship with COVID-19.

Hachis irrational intuition feels that the pandemic would get stamped out when the importance of essential work is fully understoodrespected and practiced.


Why does she feel so?

According to the feature of COVID-19 and related problemsshe feels like she has seen it before.


COVID-19 affects lungs and blood vesseland caused Cytokine storm.

Even though causes were differentthree women of Beelationship experienced those symptoms before.

(In the article of Our collective minds lung”, Hachi asked that dont you have anything you have suppressed for a long time in your mind?.

That question was created with what she found in the area between medicine and Psychiatry before.)


The name of corona means not only crown” or wreath” but also solar flare.

One of the meanings of yellow of beelationship is sunlightwhich represents one of the the Hachis basic patterns as a facilitator, and sunlight used to make her stay inside of a room to avoid it.


COVID-19 socially revealed the importance of essential workwhich was familiar to three women in Beelationship who were connected with the theme of the strength of motherhood.

Essential human industries have been undervalued in the masculine atmosphere in our society.

We felt the importance of essential work such as raising children+family and creating a sense of home (that means social welfaremedicinelearningmind)but we echoed the masculine atmosphere in the society unconsciously(“those activities dont make profit immediately”), and froze their hearts.


Thereforeeven though we are scared of COVID-19that is not everything for us.


These viewpoints might seem to be weird.

Hachi partially has the same feeling as well so that she felt like tearing Peters script book” apart.

(Yet maybe she is organizing things according to the laws of Physics.)

She hopes COVID-19 gets stamped out faster.

In order to do soshe focuses on the atmosphere behind COVID-19and keep letting it flow.


Unexpectedly she achieved her goal under pandemic situation: her goals were to bring back a sense of home to Itowho refused to spend more time with her family and tried to do things by her own.

For Ito who taught Hachi a sense of home, Hachi hoped to prepare well-balanced healthy dish continuouslymaking a space to rest, sleep well and enjoy Ito’s favorite activity without killer stress.

Her biggest dream was to distinguish a sense of home from a seeming one on capitalism.


Her biggest challenge was to find own flow between her dream and work.

She couldnt found the path easily so that she experienced many nights when she could not sleep well.

One day she found a long gray hair.

Therefore now she think of what people who are struggling in the foodsightseeing and entertainment industries.


In Japanpractical steps to get along with COVID-19 are starting to be created: preparing a vaccinemedicine and working at home.

If those steps work wellthats good.

There is no need to think of change of the socialindustrial and economic structures.

Howeverif it doesn’t workwe hope you to remember the tendency of COVID-19which forces us to find what is essential.

To understand and practiced essential work fullyit might take time.

Is the social economic plan starting to be created?

What does it look like the economic flow among public support such as basic incomepersonal income based on capitalism and paying tax for redistribution of wealth.

Hachi feels continuous open forum has been held and it is quite important for collective change.

It is one of the ways to create a sense of security and a sense of home.

A sense of security helps us to bring ideas and creativity among people together in the society and encourage foggy boundaries between industries in a positive way.

Hachi feels that those ideas would be one of the biggest resources for our society.


Pandemic situation forced Ito to spend more time with Hachi.

Ito had to face her inner criticfought against it (Ito and Hachi had twice big quarrels…!and a sense of home was finally brought back to us.

And Itos black roots of gray hair was found.

Hachis past long gray hair has gone after she slightly found what do to with her work.


Itos black roots of gray hair taught Hachi that one of the purposes of economy can be simply for a sense of security such as having simple well-balanced dishessleeping well and holding a continuous open forum.

What do you think?


(This article was written by Hachi and its title was decided by Ito.

YesIto is happy to be a part of continuous open forum in the society.)


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