Yellow of Beelationship

Yellow of Beelationship


Spring has come and temperature is rising.
Bees are coming through the warm air to our garden looking for nectar.
While watching bees playing around on rape blossoms, Hachi realized that very beelationship-scenery, such as bees and yellow of rape blossoms, was appeared in front of her.




Hachi would like to tell you why Beelationship’s main color is yellow.

You might realized that Beelationship‘s ‘Bee’ came from a bee of an insect.
That’s right!
Beelationship is Bee+Relationship so that Beelationship’s yellow means yellow of a bee in the first place.
Yet that’s not everything.

The second meaning of yellow is sunshine.
It is the very important symbol for Beelationship.
It seems to represent warmth and equality, which are associated with strength of motherhood which is the Beelationship’s main interest.

The third meaning came from a spiritual effect of yellow.
Just before Beelationship was born, Hachi read that yellow represented concentration and encouraged health and spiritual activities.
She felt that one of the reasons people were distracted spiritually is weakness of motherhood.
Therefore Beelationship hopes people(including ourselves) to remember their inner resources, especially strength of motherhood, and use their resource productively.

As Hachi have written above, Yellow of Beelationship includes three meanings:

  • Yellow of a Bee
  • Yellow of Sunshine
  • Yellow of Spiritual Concentration

We hope you like our theme color of yellow.





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