M83 (2011) Raconte-moi une histoire


Lyrics Justin Meldal-johnsen, Anthony Gonzalez, Yann Gonzalez. (2011) Raconte-moi une histoire. Paris: Naïve Records.

I heard about this frog
It’s a very tiny frog
But it’s also very special
You can only find it in the jungle
So far away from me
But if you find it and if you touch it
Your world can change forever

If you touch its skin
You can feel your body changing
And your vision also
And blue becomes red and red becomes blue
And your mommy suddenly becomes your daddy
And everything looks like a giant cupcake
And you keep laughing and laughing and laughing
Nothing is ever quite the same really
And after you finish laughing
It’s time to turn into a frog yourself

It’s very funny to be a frog
You can dive into the water
And cross the rivers and the oceans
And you can jump all the time and everywhere
Do you want to play with me?

We can be a whole group of friends
A whole group of frogs
Jumping into the streets
Jumping into the planet
Climbing up the buildings
Swimming in the lakes and in the bathtubs
We would be hundreds, thousands, millions
The biggest group of friends the world has ever seen
Jumping and laughing forever
It would be great, right?












Hachi happened to find the movie of babies laughing out loud (from Huffington Post in Facebook), while she was looking into history to search something.


Honestly speaking, the rational part of Hachi cannot deny that she did not associate the song with a symptom by a harmful drug at all after she listened to ”Raconte-moi une histoire” a few times. (whispering)


However, she liked the child’s mind in the song.


After she watched the video of babies again, she thought that there are actually innocent laughing-laughing-moments in the world, and wondered a lot where the powerful laughing voices were created in tiny bodies??


How did you hear that😊?





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