Kaze Fujii (2020) Kaerou (Go Home)

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Lyrics Kaze Fujii. (2020) Kaerou (Go Home). Tokyo: HEHN RECORDS.

You are melting into sunset
I am fading into sunrise
If our path never cross again
Then, that is the way it is

You’re turning on the lamp
I’m searching for the light
We both have nothing to fear, nothing to lose
We both have nothing at all in the first place

See you, see you again
Those boys’ eyes aren’t innocent anymore
Those evening bells are ringing out
but can’t be heard anymore
That is, that is almost like everything seems to be over
Far from it, we’ve got a long way to go,
and I’ll never forget…

Ah, let’s forget everything and go home
Ah, let everything flow away and go home
Though that scar hurts and this thirst never be quenched
That doesn’t matter anymore
Let’s blow them all away

Let’s go home with a nice breeze
Let’s go home with gentle rain

What is the use of hating each other?
I’m, I’m gonna be the first one to forget


You are worried about the future
I am still attached to the past
This is our last time
I’m supposed to be a god
but still, we’re too much human

I looked at the world without me from above
I found out it kept on turning exactly the same as always
That made me feel easy somewhat

See you, see you again
We said farewell right before the highway
Leaving all hustle-bustle behind, I walk alone

Taking, all my life was about taking
And not a bit of giving
Not knowing the meaning of this life I have lived

Ah, let’s give everything and go home
Ah, with empty hands, let’s go home

What we can give is just what we were given
Let’s be thankful and be honored

I am waiting for you
Let’s go home
Let’s go home where happiness never ends

What can we take with us when we leave this world?
Let go of the burdens we are carrying one by one

What is the use of hating each other?
I am, I am going to be the first one to forget


Ah, how am I going to live from today






Meaning of Song

Commentary on the song “Kaerou (Go Home)” by Kaze Fujii.

What he says reminds Hachi of the documentary of América“.
Hachi keeps it in her deepest mind because it was so great and touching that she and Peiji watched and cried together. 











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