Tea Time Kitchen Cloth made by 90-year-old grandmother

tea time tapestry square


Tea time is when new ideas pop up

During the second Beelationship Studio meeting, Hachi was thinking like this:

“How lovely tea time is.

When I am busy, I tend to spend tea time with doing something.

But, if I spend tea time just for a cup of tea, it can be great time for finding a big picture or waiting new ideas which is about to pop up.”


Her thought went on:

“Oh! There is the Tea Time Tapestry of Ito’s embroidered work.

Maybe now is the best timing to post the photo of it to BLSover70Emboridery Co-Gallery Instagram because I am thinking about the meaning of tea time!

Why not now?”


Therefore Hachi posted the photo of Tea Time Tapestry to Instagram.


Ito’s Tea Time Tapestry


🇺🇸→🇯🇵 “Tea time now❤️ Lovely smell of tea, isn’t it? Oh, you want some cookies?” ・ 👵🏻Ito (b. 1932) Tea Time Tapestry | #backstitch | Tapestry ・ For More information: https://beelationship.com/en/embroidery/co-gallery/ito/teatime-tapestry/ ・ ☺️🤗Ito, who is now in her 80s, has made embroidery works for her family and herself for over 30 years. ・ This work is one of them. ・ 👵🏻Ito says: I made Tea Time Tapestry in very early days of embroidery. I have used this tapestry for more than twenty years. It is still hung in my kitchen. ・ ・ About Ito: [Link in BIO] > [Ito’s Gallery] ・ ・ Ito loves camomile tea during embroidery time. What’s your favorite drink and sweets during creation? ・ ・ ・ 🤓Beelationship is looking for embroidered works which over 70 embroiders have made up until now, and would love to hear stories behind embroidered works. We would be grateful if you know an over 70 embroiderer who hope to share his/her works, and let him/her know we are here. (👩‍🎨👨‍🎨We are also welcoming over60 artists and creators.) How to share: Please use #BLSO70. (for another way: link in bio) ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ “お茶の時間よ❤️ お茶のいい香りね。 あら、クッキーを食べる?” ・ 👵🏻伊都 (b. 1932) ティータイムのタペストリー | バックステッチ| タペストリー ・ 詳しくは: https://beelationship.com/embroidery/co-gallery/ito/teatime-tapestry/ ・ ☺️🤗伊都は現在80代で、30年以上にわたって、家族や自分のために刺繍作品を作ってきました。 ・ この作品はそのうちのひとつです。 ・ 👵🏻伊都はこう話しています: このティータイムタペストリーは、刺繍を初めて間もない頃に作りました。 かれこれ20年は使っています。 今も台所にかけています。 ・ ・ 伊都について: [自己紹介のリンク] >[日本語] >[伊都のギャラリー] ・ ・ 伊都は刺繍の休憩時間にカモミールティーを飲むのが好きです。 何かの製作中のお茶の時間には、どんな飲み物やおやつが好きですか? ・ ・ ・ 🤓ビーレエションシップでは、70代以上の方がこれまで作ってきた刺繍作品と、作品にまつわる物語に出合いたいと願っています。 ご家族や周りの方で、刺繍作品を家の中にしまったままだけど、 これからいろいろな人に見てもらいたいと思う方がいらっしゃいましたら、ぜひこうした場があることをお伝えいただければ幸いです。 (👩‍🎨👨‍🎨60代以上のアーティストや作家の方もご参加ください) 【参加方法】 #BLSO70 をつけて投稿してください。 (もう1つの方法はリンクをご覧ください) ・ ・ ・ ・ ・ #BLSO70 #beelatioship #blso70_ito #elderly #elderlyart #elderlyartist #story #storytime #storytelling #seniorlife #seniorlifestyle #homehealthcare #eldercare #seniorcare #grandmaswork #greatgrandmother #greatgrandma #grandmotherslove #grandmalove #embroideredtapestry #girlembroidery #foodembroidery #teatime #teatime🍵 #teatime☕️ #fika #coffeetime #camomiletea #greentea

BLS over70 Embrdry CoGalleryさん(@embroidery_cogallery)がシェアした投稿 –


Tea Time Tapestry is hung on the wall of Ito’s kitchen.

It might be existing to tell the importance of tea time.

Hachi was thinking like that while she was watching Instagram.


What the idea of tea time make Hachi realize

Then Hachi found some stunning photos, which Hachi saw for the first time but somehow so familiar.


These might be… them …..!!







祖母が作ってくれた刺し子ふきんと日本茶と🍵✨ #日本茶 #刺し子 #刺し子ふきん #お茶 #ティータイム

フード&ティーセラピストsanaさん(@teasana0714)がシェアした投稿 –


These were embroidered works made by a 90 years old grandmother, which Hachi hoped to see for a long time……….!!!!

And those works were full of grandmother’s love to her grandchild……….!!!!


(A few weeks have passed since Hachi saw these photos for the first time but she still feel like crying or being excited.)


Hachi felt that those kitchen cloths were full of motifs which the woman’s grandchild loved.


Hachi let Ito know what she found.

Hachi was about to be broken when she found these works because she was so happy.

That is only natural because finding embroidered works made by elderly people, which is full of love and a sense of home, is a rare occasion.

Hachi is feeling its reasons but put them aside just for now.

Hachi just became happy to find those works and the stories.

Therefore she would like to tell you the amazing works and the touching stories.


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