Cold brew green tea in the morning


004_tea on the train



Tea leaves met cold water to be superb Green Tea🍵!

The habit of drinking a cup of green tea in the morning was taught by Ito.

She made green tea using only ice and tea leaves one day in the summer night.

It was the day before when a monk came to her home for an anniversary of Hachi‘s grandfather’s death.

After the ceremony,  Hachi drank a cup of green tea and she was totally shocked by its sweetness.

Brewed green tea tastes a little bit bitter, and making green tea with ice tastes so sweet.

Magic of temperature.

Making green tea with ice takes long time so that Hachi has been making it with cold water since then.

She got tea leaves several months ago from Chiran, Kagoshima Prefecture, where her grandfather loved to visit.

It is hard to realize familiar ingredients but, once realized, we often find those are connected with family memories.



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