The Report of the Second Beelationship Studio Meeting

-The importance of tea time-

Let’s look back on the first Beelationship Studio meeting

In the first Beelationship Studio meeting, Ito was creating Patchwork Cushion, and Hachi was planning the ordered large cover.

After the first meeting, both of them were working on their tasks at different places.

What happened to them later?

What happened in the second Beelatinship Studio meeting?

The second Beelationship Studio meeting was held in early May.

In Japan, hopes and fresh feelings are in the air because of new era, Reiwa, coming.

It has been cooler than usual.

In the situation, there were some people who tried to create new handcraft.

Repairing the Eco Bag

The Eco bag which Ito was using was a little bit bigger for her so that Ito started making it smaller.

When Hachi was leaving her seat, Ito put the sewing machine onto the table from the storage room.

Can you Imagine the sewing machine is so heavy even if young people hold it?

Ito held the sewing machine and put it on the table by herself.

If Hachi realized that Ito was about to do that, Hachi would rush to help Ito.

Ito was enjoying that Hachi did not know what Ito was doing.

When Hachi came back, Ito was already in the flow of repairing the Eco bag.

When Hachi suddenly realized why the sewing machine was on the table, Ito still enjoyed the moment.


Repairing things is one of wonderful skills in our daily lives.

“Could you make this smaller, please?”

“It is broken! Could you repair it, please?”

“It is not comfortable to use. Is there any idea to improve it?”

Those conversations happen a lot among Ito, Peiji and Hachi.

Ito always make it happen.

She lately solved the problem of slipping bed covers by adding snap buttons.

Repairing skills make our lives comfortable.


Long Cardigan

studio second 001

When Ito is counting, anyone cannot talk to her.


Ito started knitting her new long cardigan.

Knitting requires less eye focusing so that Ito took turns to do embroidery and knitting.



studio second 002


Hachi found fabric for the ordered cover before the second Beelationship Studio meeting.

She started mitering, learning from Ito.

Ito was a professional dress maker.

Therefore, when she saw fabric, she became and walked like a samurai who held a sword.

What she was actually holding was 1m ruler, which is made of bamboo, but it looked like a sword to Hachi 

Hachi finished every step of mitering and made mitered corner perfect, even though she became a little bit panic by its complication and Ito’s existence as a teacher.

After basting stitching and sewing with a sewing machine, the next step would be the design.



studio second 003

Ito’s embroidery frame is nice golden color.


Hachi experimented selecting floss colors on the same fabric of the ordered work.

She have asked her client’s favorite color scheme.

With those colors and the result of experiment, Hachi and her client will discuss which color will be on the fabric.

The process takes long time but it is fun!


Tea time

studio second 004


While attendees become quiet when they work on their tasks at Beelationship Studio, tea time is the time for chatting.

Tea time is not only for relaxation of a body but also for talking about progress or exchanging ideas.

We say Beelationship Studio emerged when people interact enjoying tea time.


Ito loves a cup of camomile tea.

Hachi likes a cup of milk coffee.

When it gets chilly, they drink cups of honey ginger tea.

As having sweets which taste less sweet, they become happy.

However they try not to have too much because they care about health.

After relaxation surrounded by lovely smell of coffee, enthusiasm emerged again and new ideas pop up.

That is the magic of tea time.


(New ideas popped up in Hachi’s head and Hachi posted Ito’s past embroidery work, Tea Time Tapestry, to BLSover70 Embroidery Co-Gallery Instagram.

Then she found unexpected things.)



Well, these are all about what happened in the second Beelationship Studio meeting.

What is going to happen next time?

We are looking forward to it!

See you next time!




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