The Report of the First Beelationship Studio Meeting

-Beelationship Studio emerged-

Beelationship Studio as a place, as a flow of interaction

Three members of Beelationship often got together and worked on individual handcraft task together before Beelationship founded.

After Beelationship founded, the first Beelationship Studio meeting was held finally so that we would like tell you what happened.


A studio basically means a place where artworks are created.

Beelationship Studio has its meaning.

However that is not all meaning.

We call Beelationship Studio especially when a flow of interaction about handcraft emerged.

That is coming from the origin of the name of Beelationship, which means bees are working on each task and communicate each other based on their works.

Therefore, when we say Beelationship Studio emerged, that means both individual work and a flow of interaction happened.

While the flow of interaction about handcraft happened, enthusiasm for handcraft appeared.

In enthusiasm for handcraft, the quality of inspiration became totally different.

Hachi’s practice of basic handcraft skills, learning from Ito

Ito and Hachi joined the first Beelationship Studio meeting.

As you know, they are the members of Beelationship.

Is there anybody who thought “Oops! Beelationship Studio was meant to be held only for members” ?

I would like to say that is not true.

We do not intend Beelationship to be opened only for members.

Ito, who was a professional dress maker and does embroidery and knitting, is not able to teach outside because she is in her 80s.

And she is rather a artisan.

Therefore Hachi is learning basic handcraft skills from her in order to support people who would join Beelationship Studio in the near future.

Beelationship hopes that a flow of interaction between attendees will be emerged as well.

What happened in the first Beelationship Studio Meeting?

Planning for the ordered embroidered cover

What happened in the first Beelationship Studio meeting?

Well, Hachi finished stitching Ring Chain Cover and Three Bees in a Wild Flower Garden Cover before the first meeting.

Someone who saw those works asked Hachi to create a bigger cover with the similar design.

They had discussions about the size, design, detailed stuffs of the cover before the first Beelationship Studio meeting.

Therefore Hachi asked Ito to help to decide more details.

What kind of fabric will be suitable?

How can I make a larger design?

Ito knows about fabrics a lot so that she pointed out what Hachi was missing.

Then some options for suitable fabric were found.

Hachi and the client will discuss about more details and decide which fabric will be used.

Patchwork Cushion

Ito was stitching Patchwork Cushion.

She has made Vibrant Patchwork Tapestry with the same design and her favorite floss colors.

She was experimenting what Patchwork Cushion would look like with the exact floss colors of the design in this time.

Practicing Daruma Stitching

Hachi was stitching Daruma embroidery.

Daruma was originally a zen monk and became a motif later.

Hachi was trying to create a flow of original work and experimenting several types of line stitches to see the difference of impression of the surface affected by the light.

Honeycomb Sweater

Hachi was working on Honeycomb Sweater as well.

It is a little bit complicated and slow to progress because of the repetitive pattern all over the sweater.

She finished knitting the main body pieces and one sleeve.

Only another sleeve is waiting to be knitted so that she works on it every night.


Well, these are all about what happened in the first Beelationship Studio meeting.

What is going to happen next time?

We are looking forward to it!

See you next time!


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