"Floss is like colored pencils. Yes, Embroidery is coloring for me."

Ito (b. 1932)

Vibrant Patchwork Tapestry

Cross Stitch


Stories about the work and the creator

Ito, who is now in her 80s, has made embroidery works for her family and herself.

This work is one of them.


The original size of each square is the square on the pocket.

However I stitched the smaller squares on the tapestry itself,
reducing by 2 stitches each side of a square,
in order to make the squares fit the width of the remaining cloth.

I chose the colors from the remaining floss.

Choosing colors is fun because I still find new combination of colors.

Lately Ito feels like having more fun and sharing joy of hand crafts with old and new friends.

About Ito:

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