The declaration of working on “Tea Time”

Are you taking time for tea?

The theme of tea time is always near Beelationship but it is hard to say the members of Beelationship spend quality time for tea.

However they realized the hidden power of tea time clearly in the second Beelationship Studio meeting.

Tea Time for talking about details

Discussions about details of Embroidery or Knitting

Embroidery or knitting has lots of details to be decided.

If details are plain, those can be discussed by phone or on the Internet.

However, if details are complicated, those are beyond the scope of discussion by phone or on the Internet.

In that situation, tea time meant a lot to Ito and Hachi.

They could identified the stuck point while they talked about the progress or exchanging ideas which were often omitted in daily life.

Then creative process flowed again smoothly.

That was what happened in the second Beelationship Studio meeting.

Children’s mind

I have heard that tea time means a lot to parents as well.

It is helpful not only for creating opportunities to listen to children about what happened at school, but also for expressing gently that parents are ready to listen to children, especially when the atmosphere of children is different than usual.

Lately the aspect of bullying is changing: bullying is not only hurting someone’s body or breaking belongings but also posting cruel things anonymously to the internet.

To identify bullying, plenty of time is needed for children and parents.

Sharing every details is the important step for finding solutions.


In this way, tea time is quite helpful to talk about details which are often omitted in daily life.

Also it can be creative time, especially among people who already built trust in a relationship.

The documentary about Fika

The members of Beelationship often watch and talk about documentaries.

One day, they watched the documentary of Swedish lifestyle of fika, tea time in Swedish.

The documentary showed that Swedish people took tea time several times a day.

In the documentary, a woman, who was a life stylist and wife, made sweets for her family.

The husband of the woman took those sweets to the office and had them with his colleagues.

The moment seemed to be quality time, so peaceful and creative.

The scenery was similar to the Ito’s workplace.

After watching the documentary, Hachi realized that other documentaries about tea time were collected unconsciously.

Maybe it was time to work on the theme of tea time.

Brainstorming and Organizing

Even though those kind of feelings were in Hachi’s mind, she was also wondering what kind of value Beelationship could offer.

Beelationship is neither a proffesional pastry chef nor an interior shop.

Themes of home cooking and home made sweets are connected with Beelationship, yet many great recipes already exist.

Then an unexpected task came to hachi.

While Hachi was trying to resolve the task, she was led to the theme of tea time again.

The theme of tea time seemed to be important.

Therefore she is about to do a brainstorming and reorganizing mugs, tea equipment and tableware.

What will be found on and after the journey?

She will never forget to take time for tea during working, of course!


When do you take time for tea?



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