Colorful Embroidery from Russia

A colorful embroidery work which was stitched by Russian woman was suddenly appeared on the feed of Beelationship Embroidery Cogallery Instagram account.




✂ Мои обрезки ✂

Вышивка Embroidery Handmadeさん(@sonya.m.polushkina)がシェアした投稿 –


Hachi, the director of Beelationship, watches Colorful Mat stitched by Ito all the time so that she was surprised to see the colorful embroidery by Russian woman unexpectedly.


Colorful Mat is rather larger embroidered work and it is hard to see the whole mat closely.

However if the colorful pattern is in the embroidery hoop, it becomes another atmosphere. Lovely!


The second photo by the Russian woman seemed to be with colorful threads in a wine glass.

Putting colorful threads in a wine glass made Hachi to feel the sensation of drinking a glass of colorful threads up!

Maybe Ito would love the sensation all the more for her nature..!


When Ito was told the colorful embroidery work by the Russian woman, she became so happy because she felt her own work might be not so bad as she thought, and became confident a little bit even though she once tried to throw it away.

She was wondering what the colorful embroidery work would become, and then she got another new idea.

While Hachi was listening to her idea, she thought that creativity was walking around people who were connected with the colorful embroidered pattern as Einstein said.


Also unexpected discovery reminds us that embroidery has been enjoyed around the world!

How about around you?



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