L’Arc〜en〜Ciel (2000) NEO UNIVERSE


Lyrics hyde. (2000) NEO UNIVERSE. Tokyo: Ki/oon Records.

There seems to be no official translation.
Therefore, this translation is Beelationship version.



On a tilted balance, an angle without its wings is building up something higher than heaven.
Even for the innocent and naive angle, the morning sun is shining brightly.

Keep holding its hands.
Sense the brand-new and awakening world.

Angel, you stayed transparent even though you were about to be cracked, didn’t you?
You were waiting for the morning sun without sleeping, weren’t you?
The miracle you dreamt of is unlikely to come, yet the never ending sky is leading you.


You are as gentle as wind, as free as birds.
You are going to go out into the world. Don’t be afraid.
neo universe (is coming.)


I am glad to meet you fortuitously even if that could be a tragedy.

Even though we are on the ice, I want to believe in us forever: We will go with the flow.


Smile like beautiful flowers and blossoms.
Shine like stars.
You are about to spread your wings and fly away. Don’t be afraid.
neo universe (is coming.)

The struggling season starts to change. It is going to be reborn.
Let the universe unite us like the never ending sky. (Let the universe tie us, like two ropes, together.)

neo universe (is coming.)
neo universe










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