Sayagata Kogin Mat,


Kogin Embroidery , Congress Cloth (Lucian COSMO)


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Ito(b.1932) - BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery -

Beelationship is looking for embroidered works which over 70 embroiders have made up until now, and stories behind embroidered works.

【How to let us know your/your family's or your friend's works+stories】
Instagram or Twitter
Post your photos with the hashtag, #BLSO70, on your Instagram/Twitter account.
(#BLSO70 means "Beelationship Listens to Stories behind Over 70's Embroidered Works.")

If you would like to join BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery, feel free to contact us.
embrdry-hello[a]beelationship.com (change [a] to @)

For More Information, please visit How to Join BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery.