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What is BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery?

BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery is the project and the digital online gallery for over 70 embroiderers, which tries to tell stories behind embroidered works.

Here you can find over 70’s embroidered works, which can be seen anytime and anywhere.

If you are over 70, you can join our digital gallery.

Embroidery sometimes help elderly people.

Embroidered works often tell us a sense of home.

If you have your embroidered works in your home and wondered what would happen after you shared them with people, why not open up your works to the world?

You might know other people like you or interaction might give you encouragement to create another embroidered works.

We have heard that own embroidery style was found during the process of creating own showcase and discovering own story.

We are waiting for your apply for BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery!


How to apply for BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery

We have two ways to apply for BLS over70 Emboridery Co-Gallery.


If you hope to share your works easily, post your photos on your account of Instagram, Twitter or facebook with #BLSO70.
(You can find our social media account of BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery in the yellow part of this page below:
【Get in Touch with us】 >【BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery】)

This is the easiest way and cost nothing. We can visit to see your works.

However we imagine many over 70 people might not familiar with the Internet or social medias.
In that case, family support might be needed to apply for BLS over70 Co-Gallery.

We are open to discuss about how to support over 70 people.
Please feel free to let us know your easiest way to apply for BLS over70 Co-Gallery.


If you hope to have your own showcase, you can apply for BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery.

Having your own showcase costs you.

We are considering to charge for creating your own showcase in the future.
However, for now, we help one person with twenty works or less with no cost to create your own showcase in BLS over 70 Embroidery Co-Gallery.


In any cases, please read the details first.


We are waiting for your apply for BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery.


Why has BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery started?

Hachi is the director of Beelationship and a grandchild as well.

She loved Ito, who used to love embroidery for 30 years but put away threads and needles after an illness.

Ito luckily recovered from illness after several years but she still lost interest for embroidery.

Hachi and Peiji hoped that Ito remembered who she was, yet they did not know what to do.

Then Hachi’s attention was caught by the embroidered works which were made conscientiously stitch by stitch and were sleeping in Ito’s storeroom.

Hachi became to feel stronger and stronger that following Ito’s past embroidered works with Ito might brought something important to Ito.

Therefore Hachi decided to collect Ito’s embroidered work.


What happened during and after the process?

Ito’s mental health was brought back to her life and she started to create another embroidered work again.

The change was happened to Hachi as well.

She learned the importance of following someone’s past works and that was one of ways to flourish someone’s nature naturally.

Also, through the process of making the video of Ito’s embroidery story, Hachi happened to find that an 80-years-old or a 100-year-old embroiderer held his/her embroidery exhibition…!

Isn’t that amaizing?

She realized that there might be less opportunities for elderly people to open up their works to the world, and hope to shed light on more elderly embroiderer’s works and behind stories.


If you are shy to open up your works, we would like to tell this:
We believe that every embroidered works do have stories, which should be cherished.
Past works often contain a key to find who you are.
Finding who you are helps you to find the joy of life.
(Ito, who is very shy, was really encouraged when someone looked at her works and gave her comments(=encouragement) enough to create another embroidery work and to live better.)

So if you are interested in this project, please give us any feedback at any levels. It means a lot to us.

We focus on what is happening here 😊☀️

Embroidery has no space-time wall.

Let’s enjoy embroidery together!