BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery

What is BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery?

BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery is the digital gallery for over 70 embroiderers.

Embroidered works in our gallery can be seen anytime anywhere.

If you are over 70 embroiderer, you can apply your embroidery work.

Embroidery sometimes help elderly people.

Embroidered works tell us a sense of home.

If you have your embroidered works which are at your home and hope to share them with people,
please join us and open up your works to the world.

We listen to stories behind embroidered works and help to find your own embroidery style and who you are to increase joy of hand crafting and your life.


How to join BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery

If you hope to share your works easily, post your photos on your Instagram or Twitter account with #BLSO70.

(We would be grateful if you know someone around you, perhaps your family or friends, who has his/her embroidered works hoping to share works with others in the world, and let them know we are here for him/her.
If someone who would like to share his/her works doesn't use the internet, we are happy to consider another way of joining us.
Please feel free to contact us.)

If you hope to have your own showcase, you can apply for BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery.

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Why has it started?

Hachi, who is in her 30s, was collecting Ito's embroidered work which was made conscientiously stitch by stitch, and realized Ito's works were sleeping in Ito's storeroom.

Also, through the process of making the video of Ito's embroidery story, Hachi happened to know that a 80-year-old embroiderer held her embroidery exhibition..!

An over 100 embroiderer did as well...!

Hachi thought that "Isn't that amazing? I would love to see more elderly embroiderer's works...!!"

That's why we started BLS over70 Embroidery Co-Gallery.

It is wonderful to share joy of embroidery with others.

It is all the more if an embroiderer becomes a little bit sick and feels down.

Ito, who is very shy, was really encouraged enough to create another embroidery work when she knew people actually looked at her works and gave her comments(=encouragement!).

There is no space-time wall between embroidery and embroiderers.

We are waiting for over 70 embroiderer's works and make this place to encourage embroiderers.